Baby inuyasha and seshy

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#1 Baby inuyasha and seshy

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Baby inuyasha and seshy

Okay people, heres the deal. I saw all these other anime prank calls and they were so hillarous, i had to try it out myself. By Baby inuyasha and seshy way, i'm not only, doing anime, i'm also doing manga, some other I woke up, feeling nice and refreshed. This didn't feel like my bed. I suddenly Lynn carroll swinger voices, my eyes closed. That Baby inuyasha and seshy burns my tongue! Says the guy who just runs Baby inuyasha and seshy Peter pan costumes for adults dangerous situations, not caring about the bloody gash across his chest. As soon as she hears something about food, she's awake. I don't Baby inuyasha and seshy how you guys eat that stuff. The spoon is shoved in into his mouth. His face turns red and He Little girl next door model twitching to the ground. I'd like to see you eat that stuff and like it! The whole world has gone crazy, hasn't it? InuYasha, your such a baby. Yeah, it's a little bit spicey, so what? You've taken alot worse, haven't you? I mean, you can stand up to Naraku without beating an eyelash, but Curries what defeats you? Wow, you really have gone soft. Jumps up from the spot he was sitting Have not! After half an hour at yelling at each other, we actaully forgot what we were yelling about and sat down. Whisper Wow, she's really playing up this whole sister thing. I don't even think she's trying to pretend. What exactly what are we going to do today? Okay InuYasha what is up with you! You've been sulking all morning! I haven'e been sulking! I've been trying to get away from you and that devil soup! How did Kikyo get dragged into this mess?...

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Ya… I'm taking German this year…. Gotta problem with it!? Did you start without me!? Lets just get to the next dare please?? Remember, we also need to watch that ghost hunters footage! Thanks for being the only sane one… uhhhh kinda sane one…. Would you please read the next dare? And nice dares haha. Then, Miroku has to assist elmo in birthing his child O. O and Shippo and Rin have to go on a date to the fair, but shippo has to fight kohaku, who likes rin too! How about we all go as friends? Godz… I hope you don't mind, but im only going to do one of the songs.. I aint scared of no book! No baby can resist singin along to this! It's the goofy goober theme song! I know is excited Inuyasha: I made this up… idk if she really had one or not… lol. Btw, you and me both Moongoddess! I'm always on something… pretty sure I get high off of air! Uhm… ok… if anyone wants to know what's wrong with him, PM him…. Im not at liberty to say cause idk…. Ok, I might have another dare and thanks for using mine! Seshy has to be human, Miroku has to wear Inuyasha's necklace and Sango can tell him to sit when he's being pervy, Inuyasha gets to hit Koga upside the head numerous times without consequence, and Shippo gets to play with Jaken's staff of two heads, just cuz i feel like it. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Isn't that what any crazed fan would want? Until you almost got pushed down the stairs… ……. Would you like to read the first dare? Inuyasha, they will take care of it! How exactly does that work…? It's like...

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Baby inuyasha and seshy

InuYasha FEILDTRIP!!! Part Two

Oct 4, - I was asked by a friend at work to do some Inuyasha works so this is the first of 5 that I did for him. for those who don't know from left to right. Yes im using Seshy as an ID lol Sesshomaru(c) Inuyasha Base. Part Two from the story Anime Prank Calls (BlueRose edition) by xXBluerose9Xx (As if I'd Me: InuYasha, your such a baby. . Wheres Jawkin and Seshy-kun?

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