Do boys piss through the fly

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#1 Do boys piss through the fly

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Do boys piss through the fly

The Last Airbender Writer Announced. That Aren't Underrated Anymore. New episodes tgrough Saturday. Search titles only Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma. Search throygh thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Do you pee through the zipper hole or do you pull your pants down below your waist? Feb 4, 1. Feb 4, 2. I lift up my kilt. Feb 4, 3. Feb 4, 4. How can you pee through the zipper hole? The pants would Man show model access to the toilet seat. Feb 4, 5. I do all of them Do boys piss through the fly different times. Do boys piss through the fly seems convenient at the time. Feb 4, 6. MindcrimeFeb 4, Feb 4, 7. I pull them all the way down like Butters VeklorrFeb 4, Feb 4, 8. When the situation calls for it. Not going to pull my pants down in the men's room. OneBigClamFeb 4, Feb 4, 9. Through the zipper seems like an unnecessary hassle. Pamala anderson haveing sex 4, DNAillpaisatrav and 2 others like this. I only thought old people ever put their dicks thru the hole. XLamonteCoxXFeb 4, I pull my pants down to my ankles like a 5 year old. NarrowFomalhautLeoRavus and demon like this. I used to pull my pants down when I was a boyz but then my mom pretty much said only retards do that, John dillengers penis ever since I've been using zipper. I take my clothes off, I mean all my clothes, I strip completely naked put my left hand on my waist and let go. Best feeling peeing naked ever. Then I put all my clothes back Serveys of teenage drivers and continue throuhg day. I pee from my butt. TeethmanFeb 4, I don't...

#2 Behind closed doors hentai

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Behind closed doors hentai

Yep, you guessed it: This is not a boxers versus briefs debate. Nobody cares about that shit. This is an over-the-gate or through-the-fence-debate. Men everywhere are born and must make the decision whether to unfurl their trunks over the elastic waist band or pop them through their keyholes to take a whiz. So you see, I really had no choice but to write this article. It practically begged me to. It all started back in the s. Before this, men pretty much stuck to draping loin cloths or ponchos over their goods to ward off hungry bears. Thus, it became necessary to add a piece of triangular fabric to protect hairy monsters from curious eyes. This fabric was sewn, laced or buttoned to the rest of the garment and men would unbutton or unlace them and pee through the gap to relieve themselves. Later came thicker materials such as leather that protected the package while still letting the peener and veggies breathe a little. Finally, shaped and armoured protrusions known as codpieces were adopted by pretty much all the lads and used as fancy adornments in theatre, war, and impressive mating rituals. This was the height of fashion for quite some time. Codpieces got weirder and weirder. People were etching faces in them and using them in erotic fiction and Shakespearian insults. It just got messy. So by the s they were out, and even became a notorious symbol of bad fashion. Kind of the like the shoulder pad in the s. Legend has it that Jacob Golomb founder of Everlast, the boxing equipment company initially changed out the ill-fitting leather bands around fighter trunks to stretchy elastic ones, essentially pioneering the concept. A little company called Coopers, Inc. Lads everywhere itched to get their hotrods inside them and according...

#3 Asian teen toilet

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Asian teen toilet

It's just like you said here No special training needed after the first time. Oh that's right you asked t that. Yeah most do but not all. Some think because they didn't pee on their hands they don't have to. Since we can't see it we don't know it. But it usually shakes off pretty good. We're not like a girl. Just like jarett said. Yes there are some angles involved. You have to point it at the urinal or at the toilet. Remember it's usually soft so it's easier to direct. YES we wash our hands after. No not because we get any on are hands. It's like a girl. You use toilet paper to dry and really don't come into contact with it but washing your hands is the sanitary thing to. Just like they said below It might need a little shake to get the droplets off the end, then put it back in the pants. If at a urinal just flush and walk away. If at a toilet, raise the seat before going and put it back down for the ladies in your life. Otherwise, it's just point and shoot. And we wash our hands At least I do. I know where I've been. Uhh you unzip, strip your underwear, point, and shoot. Kind of like loading a rifle and shooting. But unlike women, men sometimes get blowback so we sometimes have to wipe it. First you have to decide if you will use a urinal or a stall. Second, you might want to wash your hands beforehand, especially if you ate something spicy. Contrary to some other guys, I tend not to use the slit and just pull it over my boxers. Then, unlike most of my American fellows here, I pull on the foreskin....

#4 Painted of russian woman

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Painted of russian woman

Do you unbutton your pants when going pee, or just unzip? See, I always thought that if you didnt unbutton, the zipper teeth would kinda scrape it. But the other day my husband was going to use the bathroom and I ran in really quick to grab some medicine before he shut the door and he jokingly went to get it out and did not unbutton. Seems about equal the unbuttoners currently have a slightly higher margin. My husband is in disbelief. I unbutton, not because the zipper would hurt but I don't want to try to thread my penis through clothing. I unbutton the top button and then pull down my pants and my underwear with my thumb just far enough to where my belt goes lower than my dick. It's not like my pants actually slide down my legs -- only the front part stretches down. I've peed that way all my life. Does nobody else do this? I didn't even know people just unzipped and let loose. How are you supposed to get it through the hole? It seems like it'd be more effort than it's worth. Our method truely is superior to the common one. Especialy because we cant get our dick stuck in the zipper. Through the hole of your underwear? That's more effort than it's worth I go over the wall so to speak. Nope, only the zipper. There's enough space and it's not so sensitive that any contact with the zipper teeth is painful. I unbutton, but suppose I could unzip without issue. The teeth on a zipper aren't pricky no pun intended , they're rounded. I was always under the impression that this was the reason my pants had zippers on them in the first place. I only unbutton if I'm wearing...

#5 All ebony porn stars

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All ebony porn stars


Do boys piss through the fly

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The fly in boxer shorts is much, much more convenient, even when it has a button on it. How many men actually use the underwear flap to urinate? Billions of guys, many of whom wear fly-style underwear; some are bound to use it. Feb 4, - I never put my cock through the holes in the boxers and pee through the zipper hole. i always pull my pants and boxers down a little ooto.info do you just pull your zipper down or do you undo your belt. Oct 4, - But then again, the risk of mid-shaft snags are far lower with a button fly. But for some reason, I think this guy pulls it through with a zipper fly, but.

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