Ethanol fuel for older vehicles

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#1 Ethanol fuel for older vehicles

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Ethanol fuel for older vehicles

In the collector car world, ethanol is often the accused — being denounced for everything from poor drivability to corroding fuel tanks, blocked fuel lines and leaking carburetors. InHagerty decided to see if ethanol was truly the arch villain that rendered old cars fuel-leaking garage ornaments. The initial findings might surprise you. Modern gasoline blends are far removed from those Ethanol fuel for older vehicles which most collector vehicles were designed. Sinceoxygenates —additives to complete combustion — have been required in gasoline as part of a pollution Gay blackwargreymon stories strategy. Ethanol is a favored oxygenate because it is less toxic than others Pm hot russian teen olimpia as MTBE and is a renewable energy source. However, many of the rubber seals, gaskets, diaphragms and fuel lines used in cars built before the s are known to be incompatible with pure ethanol. Many studies have been conducted in the past decade to determine the effects of ethanol-blended fuels on modern automobiles. A Australian study found numerous examples of material incompatibility in new car components immersed in E5 gasoline mixed with 5 percent ethanol and E10 gasoline mixed with 10 percent ethanol. Not surprisingly, a study funded by the corn - and ethanol-producing state of Minnesota found no ill effects in components exposed to E20 gasoline mixed with 20 percent ethanol. Neither study addressed the issue of Tentacle hentai picture gallery vehicles and E10, which is the most Ethanol fuel for older vehicles available fuel today. After several months and a full 3, hours of testing, the Hagerty study found that there was no difference between the performance of the SU carburetors from a MGA running E10 and the ones flowing E0 gasoline without ethanol. The carburetor jets were unobstructed, the needle valves and floats were functioning properly...

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When discussing the results of the Hagerty-funded research, Kettering professor Dr. In one set of tests, new or freshly rebuilt pairings of carburetors and fuel pumps were set up to mimic their operation in a vehicle. In another set of tests, sections of the fuel system were ultimately exposed to fuel and allowed to dry. In all cases, two sets of components were tested: Fuel systems from six cars were selected: There was some minor particle buildup, gum and tar deposits and minor corrosion visible on the components run on E However, at the end of the test, both the carbs and the fuel pumps were flowing fuel without any leaks or reduced performance. Now, the results are in for the other five fuel systems tested. The most visible change was that several pump and carburetor bodies appeared to be discolored. Upon close examination, the change in hue was simply staining, most likely due to the aging fuel that darkened as the more volatile gases evaporated when remaining fuel oxidized. As with the SU carburetors, several other carburetor components showed some minor gum buildup. At the conclusion of the test, the pumps were still pumping like new and the carburetors were free of leaks or significant particle deposits. It was clear that in the test of both the straight gasoline and E10, seals were constantly swelling when wet and contracting as they dried. Over many years varnishes and sludge build up in fuel systems. As a solvent, ethanol loosens these deposits, which are then carried by fuel flow. However, thanks to ethanol, some of the used parts tested were actually cleaner upon conclusion of the test than when the trials began. When ethanol is first used in an older car, the owner initially may need to change fuel filters more...

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Unfortunately, running vintage cars on contemporary gasoline containing ethanol can create problems for classic car owners. Most of these cars run best on pure gasoline, not gasoline treated with ethanol. Thanks to regulations from the federal government and the economics of the farming and fuel industries, finding pure percent gasoline is nearly impossible. Lots of documentation exists about damage to all kinds of engines running on E10 gas. Following these steps adds to your short-term costs but will protect your car from problems associated with E10 fuel. Classic Cars , Ethanol. If you loved one machine, it would be your classic car. E10 Problems for Collector Cars Ethanol is one-third less powerful when burned than gasoline. This has a negative impact on gas mileage. In fact, ethanol is so attracted to water it absorbs water vapor in the form of humidity from the air. This water leads to condensation in fuel tanks, fuel lines and carburetor fuel bowls. The high content of water in E10 fuel also will swell the paper filter media found in fuel filters not designed especially for flex-fuel operation. If contaminated or separated fuel gets into the engine, serious and sometime irreparable harm occurs in the engine. Gasoline mixed with ethanol has a shorter shelf life and goes stale quickly. Ethanol is highly corrosive. It helps rust to form wherever air meets metal once submerged in it. Ethanol is also a solvent and it will disintegrate fiberglass, plastic, and rubber. Fortunately, there are ways to keep classic cars safe from the danger of ethanol gasoline. Replace fiberglass fuel tanks with a stainless steel tank. Use a water separator filter in the fuel line leading to the carburetor. Since water collects in the filter, you can easily remove it. Change out any O-rings in the fuel system...

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The sun is shining and the air is balmy. A perfect day to get your old motorcycle out of hibernation. Anticipating a carefree, flies-on-the-teeth experience, you throw open the shed door, and… instead of a shapely fuel tank your classic Tribsa now has a mis-shapen blob, which has disgorged its entire contents onto the floor. And things can only get worse, because the permitted level is likely to be increased to 10 per cent — all EU countries were supposed to have introduced E10 before the end of The Model T Ford was powered by ethanol until superior gasoline became more freely available. In the US at least, things changed in the wake of the s fuel crises, when the economic risk of relying on imported fossil fuel became clear. However, once relative stability returned to crude oil prices the notion became less attractive. Rover P6 classic car review. MSA Euroclassic 20th anniversary car rally now open. On track in a racing Jaguar E-type. Saab parts and servicing continue as normal. Getting set for Goodwood. Apart from shortcomings ethanol has as a fuel, the problem is that its production uses lots of energy and water. Corn-based fuel, as in the US, is energy-negative by the time it comes out of a pump. Given the right climate, other crops, particularly sugar cane, are much better, which explains why Brazil leads the world in ethanol use. Since the s, vehicles have been available that will run on 20 per cent alcohol and above. Yet ethanol is also a powerful solvent that, without a suitable additive, attacks many fuel system components including zinc and galvanised materials, brass, copper, aluminium, seals and hoses, cork, polyurethane and epoxy resins. In other words, almost everything used in a vehicle made more than about 20 years...

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Ethanol fuel for older vehicles

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Nov 14, - Classic cars, such as the Chevy Corvair pictured here, can run on unleaded gasoline but owners should try to avoid gas with ethanol. Mar 9, - Ethanol in petrol can attack older fuel systems, leading to expensive About m old and not so old vehicles could be affected, says the DfT. Sep 2, - Hagerty Classic Cars looks into the dangers of using E10 fuel in your classic As recounted in the Spring issue of Hagerty's, “Ethanol.

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