Fall floor slip treatment

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#1 Fall floor slip treatment

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Fall floor slip treatment

Stop Slip Solutions offers safety, peace of mind and decreased liability to residents, property owners and businesses Milf life carol cox archives Sarasota, Venice, tratment Bradenton. Slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of serious injury in the home and workplace. Slippery floors, bathtubs and Faall, kitchens and other wet flooring surfaces such as pool decks and sidewalks can be extremely dangerous and a high-risk liability. Every year overslip and fall injuries are reported trwatment in 3, fatal injuries Fall floor slip treatment accounting for one-half of all accidental deaths in the home. Instead of Fall floor slip treatment placing a sign warning Fall floor slip treatment a possible hazard or putting down mats which can be Falk tripping hazard on their own we offer a long-term solution that increases the coefficient of friction giving you more Fall floor slip treatment and stability. After all, you can not always predict a treagment or get to it in time to prevent a fall. Many floors are slick and dangerous even when dry, especially Treatmen the elderly or physically impaired. Floors treated by Stop Slip offer higher traction allowing those with balance issues greater safety and mobility. Polished floor surfaces and leather soled shoes and high heels also make another dangerous combination that could be eliminated in office buildings by our treatment. In the kitchen, especially commercial kitchens, there is increased risk due to the mix of liquids and oils. As a restaurant owner, the investment is well worth it when it comes to the safety of the staff. Pool decks, office hallways, and lobbies, stairs and sidewalks are all also potential lawsuits. With over 95, lawyers in the State of Florida, Fall floor slip treatment is well worth protecting yourself by creating the safest environment possible. We...

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Has anyone ever witnessed someone ever slip and fall? Have you slipped and fell and wondered: How did that happen? Usually, that is the case. Companies sued for someone falling on their property will attribute it to age, gender, ignorance and accident proneness among others, as their defense. Over time, as the number of accidents with tripping and slipping has increased, so have the number of solutions to prevent such accidents. Among them we find an anti-skid adhesive tape in heavy traffic areas to reduce severe accidents, water absorbent mats for rain and melting snow to prevent anyone passing to slip and fall and, the ubiquitous wet floor signs to warn people about the area is slippery. There are city ordinances to legislate against slipping with proper drainage systems for avoiding the presence of water on a potentially slippery surface. Is that even possible…. Regardless, out of all these preventive measures, slip and fall accidents continue to occur so FloorTraction incorporated to help businesses by applying Anti Slip Flooring Solutions as one of the most inventive and economic methods to reduce slipping accidents. We not only work out a way to make flooring less slippery, but we also instruct in the methods to maintain the treated floor to retain its slip preventive quality. While there are other teams out there that have worked out their versions of anti-slip floors to prevent slipping, they aren't discerning about what flooring they treat. There are also teams that have come up with a matte finish flooring, be it ceramic or tile which will make the presence of the liquid on the floor obvious and might prevent slipping or and easier to avoid, but like legislating the unlegislateable wet slippery floors continue to produce slips-falls-lawsuits. Notice that many big hotels choose to keep their...

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About people are victims to slip and fall accidents each day. This danger zone can be in an entrance way of a store or an office building on a rainy day. Customers and staff get affected here. Every floor that has just been mopped, every bathroom in every hotel or residence, every kitchen at home or restaurant, school cafeterias, washroom floor are all battle fields when there are few drops of water on them! Sometimes we have mishaps in the kitchen where there is drainage leak or rain water has come into the kitchen or we have dropped water on the floor by the slip of our hands. You definitely need flooring for the kitchen which will avoid accidents with our family or friends. At times even a dusty floor can cause someone to slip and fall. As you walk across the floor you need to make sure there is more friction. Textured surfaces will help to increase this friction under your feet. Safestep range of products is the solution to avoid slip and fall accidents. Safestep can help you have a safe floor in the kitchen while you can work without any tension. Any kind of flooring can be treated with Safestep. This treatment of coating can be used on quarry tile, fiberglass, ceramic tile, terrazzo, porcelain tubs and natural stone surface. People choose their flooring based on a number of factors. They can be cost, cleaning effort, comfort and endurance. Although we would like the floors to match to the colour and theme of the house, we should also keep in mind safety as the most important factor. Floor safety is the top priority at home especially in the kitchen and bathroom. These are places that tend to get wet easily and on a daily basis. Tile flooring...

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Fall floor slip treatment


Safe Floors. Slippery floors are a factor in most slip-falls. In commercial kitchens and some industrial operations, grease or oils may settle on the floor, increasing the chance of a slip-fall. A non-slip floor treatment is needed when wet or greasy floors are inevitable. Nov 6, - Slip-resistant treatment for tile, terrazzo, concrete & other hard flooring in Sarasota & Manatee Fl. A long-lasting way to make floors, tubs. Jan 16, - If you're not in a position to replace your flooring with a more slip-resistant material, you can treat your floors to decrease the risk of slips and.

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