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#1 Getzen brass serial number

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Getzen brass serial number

Mon Jan 12, 4: Getzen Eterna Serial number Did the more recent Getzen Eterna not a Severinsen and not the Classic ever have a serial number beginning with a letter "P"? I need to know ASAP. Mon Jan 12, 5: Im not sure, but I think the newer Eterna flugelhorns are PO in the serial number. Im not sure as to what the piccolo trumpets are. The Bb older Eterna trumpets are not labeled with Serizl. The newer Classic is labeled G I think. Back to top musicmork Heavyweight Member Joined: Mon Jan 12, 6: Well, what I have is definitely an Eterna. It just Tina from tamed teens Getzen brass serial number by Getzen and has a thumb saddle. It's not a it's a Probably from the mid nineties perhaps? It has a "P" serial number. I stopped keeping track Jessica simpson beaver slip the "new" generation horns. So much information, not enough brain cells!! Have you noticed yet that we're the only ones bantering on this thread so far? Mark, You are correct. I just Getze Brett a Free tango lessons sexy days ago about what must be the same model Eterna as you mention. Mine's a lacquer, "P," six digit Eterna. Brett said Getzen brass serial number could tell by the serial number that mine was made since the buy-back, but also that it isn't made to the original Severinsen Model Eterna specs. He said only those horns stamped "Eterna Classic" are. Does yours have the vertical brace serjal on the leadpipe, instead of the Getzen brass serial number crook? On original Severinsen Model Eternas at least the dozens, and dozens, Latina women and hiv seenthe brace was always on the crook, never on the pipe. Aside from the first slide thumb saddle,...

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There aren't any prices listed on the site. How much do Getzen instruments cost? Since we operate as a wholesaler and not a retailer, we can not list any pricing on the website. It is up to each individual dealer to determine what their retail prices will be. We could list a manufacturer's suggested retail price on the site, but that number is generally so far off from actual prices it wouldn't be much help. The best suggestion is to contact your local Getzen dealer with a model number and ask them what their prices are. You can find all of our dealer listings by using our dealer locator. Why does Getzen continue to use the black plastic piece as a third slide stop? Actually, we no longer use the plastic third slide stop. Our new system is similar to that used on old Olds instruments. It utilizes a ring around the upper slide tube on the third slide and a small post on the under side of the third slide push rod. Unfortunately, due to time and production constraints, we haven't been able to update all product photos on the website with newer instruments. If you look at the photo you will see an example of this new system. Why does Getzen use nickel silver for its pistons instead of monel like other major manufacturers? There are many reasons why we use nickel silver for our pistons. The biggest is that nickel just performs better. In its raw form, monel is very hard and resistant to corrosion; however, it is very susceptible to the effects of annealing. That is, the metal undergoes a physical change when it is exposed to high temperatures - high temperatures like those used to braze in piston liners. The result is a piston with...

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The Getzen Company is a family-owned manufacturer and wholesaler of brass instruments. The present product portfolio consists of trumpets , cornets , flugelhorns , trombones and a baritone horn. Four generations of the Getzen family have participated in the company. Although Getzen instruments are not as famous and as well known as other companies such as the Vincent Bach Corporation and King Musical Instruments , most Getzen instruments are rated well by consumers. In , Anthony James T. Getzen founded the Getzen Company, in Elkhorn , Wisconsin. Getzen had trained in instrument repair with the C. Conn company and worked as a plant superintendent for the Frank Holton Company. Initially opened as a repair shop, the company expanded after World War II to instrument manufacture. In , Getzen produced its first trombones. In , Getzen started producing trumpets and cornets as well. These bugles became popular with Drum and Bugle Corps. Robert Getzen left the company to found Allied Music. His brother Donald Getzen briefly assumed the leadership of the company in and acquired control of the Hoosier Band Instrument Company. In addition to the marketing aspect, this association also produced the Getzen Severinsen Model Eterna trumpet. Producing both student and professional lines, the Getzen company was preparing to expand in October when the existing facility was destroyed by fire. The new factory opened in February with only a brief interruption in business. Getzen died in Andrews and the same year, J. Edward concurrently founded Edwards Trombones. Charles Andrews lost control of the company in bankruptcy in and the Getzen brothers purchased the firm's assets. Transitioning Allied Music to the original role of the Getzen Company, instrument repair only, the family focused on the Getzen name for brass instrument manufacture [1] with Edwards as a subsidiary. In , two...

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Discussion in ' Horns ' started by Cguy , May 22, May 22, 1. Do any of you folks know of a site which lists the production dates for Getzen instruments by serial number? The horn in question is a Getzen Eterna flugelhorn, probably manufactured in It's a very nice horn, by the way. May 23, 2. Just email the serial number to Mary here and she can tell you. May 23, 3. By the way, I really enjoy the horn; it's very responsive, with a beautiful sound. It sat idle for over 30 years and looks brand new. May 23, 4. Oct 21, 5. I know this is quite an old thread, but I am a newbie - see if this helps anyone. I found Getzen serial numbers, from to at Getzen Serial Numbers. Feb 21, 6. Thank you Ted, that was very useful Feb 21, 7. G'day Kevin, big gap between our posts - but I'm pleased to have been some use. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Search Media New Media.

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Getzen brass serial number

Getzen Vintage Brass Instruments

Did the more recent Getzen Eterna (not a Severinsen and not the Classic) ever have a serial number beginning with a letter "P"? I need to  Getzen Severinsen Large Bore with SG serial number. May 22, - Do any of you folks know of a site which lists the production dates for Getzen instruments by serial number? The horn in question is a Getzen  od Getzen serial number. Serial numbers up to approximately were produced prior to the fire at . BOOSEY & HAWKES BRASS & WOODWIND - Sold thru Getzen.

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