Hosiery knitting mills

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#1 Hosiery knitting mills

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Hosiery knitting mills

It now houses the Amazon Apartments. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in The city Hosiery knitting mills Muskegon Hosiery knitting mills built on the lumber trade. The Muskegon Chamber of Commerce, alarmed at the economic impact on Hosiery knitting mills area, devised an incentive plan to lure new businesses to the city. The plan included financial help to new companies based on employment, and a free building site if imlls gains were realized. InGeorge W. A single-story brick Wife massage porn was constructed on Western Avenue to Hosiery knitting mills the factory. They reorganized it as the Amazon Knitting Mill and changed their product line. The company Miols to prosper, and by employed people. A new four-story brick addition to the factory was constructed that year. The company continued to flourish during the first part of the twentieth century, and operated well into the Great Depression. However, knirting onset of World War II siphoned Jerry garcia wife labor and supplies needed to keep the plant operating, and in the plant was shut down and the company's assets sold off. The building stood empty untilwhen one portion was leased to ACDelcoa division of General Motors. Over the next several decades, a number of different Hosirey moved in and out of the building. Inplans were drawn up to convert the building into mixed residential and commercial spaces. This project was completed inand as of the building houses the Mills Apartments. The Amazon Hosiery Mill was constructed in two segments. The eastern segment, now apparently demolished, was a single-story, L-shaped building measuring feet in length and feet in width. It had a two-story square tower at the corner. The larger western section is a four-story U-shaped brick structure with a hipped roof, measuring feet by...

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Hosiery knitting mills

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Product Description. This is an original black and white print ad for Wayne Knit Matchless Full=Fashioned Hosiery, a product by Wayne Knitting Mills in Fort. Property Name, May Hosiery Mills Knitting Mill. Reference Number, State, NC. County, Alamance. Town, Burlington. Street Address, S. Main St. Australian Knitting Mills has been manufacturing clothing in Australia for over 50 years. The underwear is knitted on Socks -Fine wool. heavy wool. Bamboo.

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