How to make a slip roller

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#1 How to make a slip roller

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How to make a slip roller

This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated Jack e harry nude the cookie policy. If you want to know How to make a slip roller or withdraw your consent to all or Free cynthrea orgy of the cookies, please refer to mmake cookie policy. By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. Login to Your Account. Results Lsip to 8 of 8. Slip Roll Plans or Ideas. I'd like to fab a slip roll that would handle 24" X. Anybody have any Ideas on what to use for rollers and a gearing setup. Pictures would be great. I saw a homebuilt using hydralic motors which are perfect for low speed high torque. It seems that the two lower rolls were geared together and the top had a seperate motor, but that was a few years ago. Maybe you can use some of the ideas. Could it roll thicker or wider? Maybe, but those dimensions were all I needed, hence the bottom roller distance. The rollers are 32 inches long and are made from a heavy wall 3. These are machined for a very slight press fit and are held in place with a pin. I think you can see it in makd the pictures. The bearings are just a simple bronze bushing. The How to make a slip roller roller bushing is a piece of round bar stock also fitted with a bronze bushing, with two groves milled to slide against the side edges. The axles ends have regular nuts threads bored out welded to them so I can turn them using a socket and a two-foot breaker with me...

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Forum General DIY slip roller, tubes or solid? Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of DIY slip roller, tubes or solid? Looking to possibly build a slip roller. Some of you may have seen the fire ring I made, I made the ring with my brake and bending a slight amount every 1. I would like to make a slip roller for future fire rings and whatnot. Questions I have are use a tube or solid for the rollers? Anyone have some plans for one or have built their own? I assume if tubes are fine, the wall thickness should be thicker than the material being rolled? Thanks much for any help! Hi, For what its worth my 22 Ga. Guessing about 2" in diameter. I am also going to say solid, but I am not sure. I would also think about powering it, that is some heavy cranking to roll that thick unless you have it geared down, then it is just a lot of cranking. If you are going to make the rolls larger in diameter you could probabaly use tubing. The problem will be that you still need to have some type of bearing and it would probably be easier to make a sold roll of smaller diameter. A larger diameter roll would mean lower forces. Join Date Feb Location gettysburg pa. I too would go with solid rollers. It's often cheaper than cored or thick wall tubing of the same material. You'll want something that's harder than the stock you're rolling or the rollers will scar. The inner roller would need to be able to apply this force and outer rollers would need to support it without much deflection. The force may be any where from several hundred pounds at 12" to several...

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How to make a slip roller

John Smelser sent us these pictures of the slip roll machine he built along with these comments. One of the photos show items he made in his shop. Dear Mr. Jun 28, - I would like to make a slip roller for future fire rings and whatnot. Questions I have are use a tube or solid for the rollers? Anyone have some. Aug 27, - I can either buy a new 4ft slip roll (Cant afford it and all the ones I can find locally to me here in Maryland are in less than usable shape.

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