Joint venture private equity real estate

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#1 Joint venture private equity real estate

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Joint venture private equity real estate

As funds raised in the — heyday of private equity reach the ends Joint venture private equity real estate their 10 year terms, there has been a surge of restructurings of those funds utilizing a stapled secondarystructure. Lee is the latest example of thistrend, showing that private equity fund restructurings have become mainstream. A common joint venture structure is a structure whereby the capital member and the operating member form a new limited liability company. There are several components of a joint venture agreement that are oftentimes heavily negotiated and a major focus of the parties to the agreement. The joint venture agreement must clearly set forth the capital contribution obligations of the parties to the agreement. First, the joint venture agreement must specify the mandatory initial capital contributions to be made by each of the parties to acquire the asset. The initial capital contribution is part of the basic business transaction and can of course be any negotiated amount. The joint Joint venture private equity real estate agreement must also specify any mandatory additional capital requirements of the parties. The responsibilities of the parties with respect to their capital contributions are largely influenced by the type of real estate asset being purchased. Very often, in stabilized acquisition type transactions for example, the purchase of developed real property that the parties have no plans to improve or further developthe parties, particularly the party investing the larger portion of the cash equity, will not agree to be obligated to make additional capital contributions that are more than their percentage share of the initial amount of equity the initial capital contribution to acquire the asset. If the transaction involves a transitional asset meaning an asset where there are contemplated future capital expenditure items, for example where there are plans to improve or...

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Joint venture private equity real estate

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Mar 20, - Joint Venture Development Criteria. Vista Real Estate is actively pursuing value-added real estate development and investment opportunities. Real estate co-investments and joint ventures are increasingly available as real estate fund managers find it harder to compete for capital with the “mega funds”. Our Private Equity & Joint Venture team is a coordinated, multidisciplinary group of real estate, business, finance, and tax attorneys.

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