Kagome fanfiction stolen towel

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#1 Kagome fanfiction stolen towel

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Kagome fanfiction stolen towel

I own neither Ranma nor Inuyasha. If I did, I probably wouldn't be writing fan fiction. Ranma, heroically dashed in and saved Cologne from her ultimate fate. Unfortunately, this resulted in Ranma being Kagome fanfiction stolen towel into "her" cursed form by Prince Herb. Now stuck as a girl Ranma has been disowned by her father, until she can be restored. With the help or interference of Ryoga an Mouse they have taken upon themselves to find the magic kettle before herb and his companions do…. Kagome Higurashi had recently returned from the feudal era, shortly after an impatient Inuyasha crawled out of the well and met Kagome's friends, who were in awe of his biracial heritage…. It was the night of the new moon, the water heater at the Higurashi shrine had burst that evening. The result of the Higurashi's soft water tank system leaving salt deposits at the bottom of the tank. The acids of the salt eventually ate through the boiler plate…and so it was, the Higurashi family plus one occasionally dog eared half demon found themselves out for a night of skinny dipping in the community pool. Ranma was thankful to have a job. Were it not for the fact she looked like a fourteen year Kagome fanfiction stolen towel girl with bright red hair, the sixteen your old Ranma-chan might not have had such a hard time finding employment. Still, all the jobs she could find in her current state were Janitorial in nature and bordered on maid service. The job at the bathhouse at least provided her with food. Thank heavens people left bars of soap laying Kagome fanfiction stolen towel or Ranma would have starved … another problem, was she had spent most of her time keeping P-chan, and a certain myopic duck,...

#2 Patterns for crop pants

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Patterns for crop pants

Okay, I'm just going to focus on this latest fic. The other fanfic I've created and wrote lost my interest in them. I'm really sorry, since I'm really a bad authoress and all. But this story would have angst shit going around, along with a lime scene or maybe I can convert it into lemon Are you really going to focus in this story and possibly writing the whole thing? Amie kekeke that's my name: Like many other of my story, I didn't want to finish it or continue the latest chapter. So basically this is my first fanfic to complete it. I'll try my best to update faster, and pray to god I don't slack off or do something stupid like breaking my own computer. Also I'm really young to write fanfic that's rated R. I suck at english LOL! I have problem with that language. I spend my 5 months just to write Slowly crawling out of her small window, Kagome Higurashi quietly made her escape. Wearing black outfit to match the dark night sky, she made her get away. Why is she doing this? It all began when her mother died giving birth to her, then her father passed away when she was entering kindergarten. The way Kikyou's mother treat her like a rag doll. The way her older half-sister, Kikyou, made fun of her and the way she always gets away from crimes she committed making Kagome taking the blame and punishment. Putting on a scowl face and quietly cursing, Kagome jumped off her window and skillfully grab the nearest branch making her way down the tree. She thank god for giving her this special unique skills that she took gymnastic lesson along with Tai Kwon Do. Smiling evilly to herself that she took her mother's...

#3 Richard riley education

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Richard riley education

I'm so sorry that I ever wrote this but I'm not sorry enough to not post it haha. It was suppose to be short but oh well. This is apparently a reoccurring problem. As he approached the front entrance, he jammed his feet into his shoes and, nearly breaking the door off it's hinges, stormed out. Kagome hummed softly to herself as she walked down the street. As she approached her home, ready to pull out her keys from the bag on her shoulder, when she saw a tall lamp next to the window fall over with a rather loud crash. Buyo must have knocked it over playing with a toy. She shook her head as she dug through the large bag for her keys. The door flung open for Kagome to be meet with the sight of a man rushing by her. And oh boy, he was a man if she had ever seen one. He had a white knuckle grip on the towel around his waist and he was lacking a shirt, not that she had any reason to complain about it. She did have a few questions for him say, oh for example, maybe why the lower level of her house looked like a small tornado had ravaged the area, why on Earth he was chasing Buyo around, how he even got in and- what in the world was in Buyo's mouth!? She shook her head, trying to remove her eyes from the handsome man's bare, wet chest along with the blush that had started to form. Kagome perched her hands on her hips, tapping her foot impatiently. I thought you built that damn fence to keep him in your yard! He stomped over to Buyo, who sat comfortably on the back of the sofa, purring contently...

#4 Nude teen girls stripping

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Nude teen girls stripping

Kagome grumbled as she looked down. She knew Kikyo was trying to get even with her. So Kikyo had stolen her baggy gym uniform and replaced it with a skimpy outfit, hoping to make Kagome look skinny and physically flawed. She wasn't skinny and she had been told by many a male model that she had a flawless figure. She could hear Kikyo chuckling evilly now as she left the changing room. Kagome looked around before pulling away her baggy uniform and pulling on the short, tight shorts and the extra small shirt that was tight around her bust. She was going to feel so humiliated now. She left and tried to tug down on the uniform to hide at least some of her exposed legs, but it was no use. She was wearing the same uniform as the other girls and she just had to wonder how they could do it. She could hear some whispers from the males in her class. She looked up to see Kikyo glaring at her. It seemed her plan to humiliate Kagome had back fired. Kagome was still embarrassed and was still trying to will the uniform to be longer and not so tight. Sesshomaru looked up after hearing the guys in his class whispering. He saw Kagome trying to will her clothes to be bigger. He couldn't blame her and his eyes were trapped on her. He knew she didn't want the stares. He snapped out of it when he saw a guy with long black hair and red eyes approach her with a lustful look in his eyes. He easily slid off his hoody and approached her with strides longer and faster than the other guy's pace. It came down to her knees and the sleeves were a bit long, but...

#5 Bmw dealers in spokane

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Bmw dealers in spokane

I do hereby disclaim all rights and responsibilities for the characters in this chance to catch up A nod of recognition is bent towards Rumiko Takahashi for her creative prowess. Kagome wasn't sure what to make of the inscrutable demon who disentangled himself, picked her up, and once more took to the skies. His reserve returned full-force, accompanied by a weighty silence that she was too tired to break. I guess I have jet lag. According to her internal clock, dawn was fast approaching, and she'd gotten precious little sleep the night before. Soon, her head was bobbing, and her last, bleary thought was, We're going back. It'll be so good to be home. She woke with a start when the fluttering breezes of flight were replaced by the steady rhythm of measured strides. Not what I meant, but I suppose this counts as back. Sesshoumaru was carrying her towards an unmistakeable line of caves carved into the base of a cliff. Choosing the stable that had once belonged to Kirameki and Ah-Un, he swept inside, circled the interior, then set her on her feet. She reached for him and caught a handful of soft fur. As soon as Kagome realized that she was clutching his mysterious pelt, she snatched her hand back, but he turned enough to meet her gaze, waiting. Slender brows drew together, but after a considerable pause, he replied. By the time Kagome stuck her head out of the cave and peered around, Sesshoumaru had disappeared from view. Judging by the angle of the sun, it was late afternoon, and she gazed around at a landscape that had changed drastically overnight. The plain seemed much smaller, as if the surrounding forest was closing ranks around the old fortress, and without Katashi and his herd, the empty...

Kagome fanfiction stolen towel

Nov 3, - Kagome gave a rather smug smile, "Oh, Inuyasha knows better than to Kagome swore that whoever had stolen her clothes would be in for a. Oct 24, - Kagome sighed as she stripped of her clothes, letting them fall to the It'd been a few days since he had originally stolen them, and he hadn't. Sep 1, - Kagome wasn't sure what to make of the inscrutable demon who They spread blankets and towels from the trunk in the sun to air them out before .. Creeping from her makeshift bed, she stole towards the cave mouth and.

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