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#1 Kris jennings naked

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Kris jennings naked

What was it like to pose for the Body Issue? For the first shoot, I was very pregnant, and that wasn't as scary. I thought it would be, because I was big and rotund when I'm usually the opposite, but it Kris jennings naked really comfortable because I felt almost like I was in costume. But for the second, I was two and a half months out from having a baby. I'm supposed to be tight and toned and strong, but I have a lot more work to do. How has going through three pregnancies changed you as an athlete? It's made me better. I'm more focused, and I have perspective I never had before. I would eat, breathe, sleep with my career in mind, and it was overkill. When you hold onto something too tightly, you can suffocate it. Now I enjoy my career more, which allows me to play better. I'm still hard on myself, but before kids I took it home. If we lost, I would be devastated for a week, and I would punish myself. I still hate losing more than anyone, but I'm not going to allow it to ruin my life. It's liberating -- that freedom to not be afraid to lose. How have your pregnancies affected your body? My boobs went away; that's the saddest part. But I saw every pregnancy as a time to transform my body, because I was a clean slate. I'm basically a clump of clay, and I mold myself. Now I'm more symmetrical. I have new body awareness. I'm more conscious of my core; that's something I worked hard to get back after each pregnancy. But having babies -- literally delivering a baby -- makes me feel like Wonder Woman. Everything else seems minor compared to the soul-shaking...

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Model of the great pyramid

By Daily Mail Reporter. Kerri Walsh Jennings is the latest sports star revealed to have stripped off for this year's ESPN Magazine's 'The Body Issue' - and she's done so during pregnancy and just two months after giving birth to her third child. The blonde beauty who won gold in women's beach volleyball at the London Olympics proudly appears on one of eight covers with her baby bump, and inside the glossy pages she is shown cradling her adorable newborn daughter Scout. Walsh Jennings is one of 20 athletes who dare to bare all for the fifth annual ' The Body Issue ,' showing the world the incredible physiques required to compete at an elite level. The Olympic gold-medalist looked incredible after the birth of her adorable child. With the toned body of a professional athlete, Kerri looked incredible in both images. But she confessed even she had her fears ahead of the ESPN shoot. I felt exposed, not just physically, but with all of my insecurities. She said she felt more comfortable in the pre-baby pictures than the post-baby ones - taken just two months after Scout was born in April. I'm supposed to be tight and toned and strong, but I have a lot more work to do. However, she said the act of labor made her feel like a super hero and respect her body more than ever. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick also appeared on one of the eight covers for The heavily tattooed footballer looked perfectly toned as he posed at the beach for the issue. It's not perfect, but I can't tell you how proud I am of my body. She explained to People, however, that she has been working hard since the birth of her daughter to get back into tip-top...

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Kris jennings naked

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Jul 9, - Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings talks about her experience posing nude in ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue. Apr 23, - Kris Jenner got blackmailed with naked footage from her closet security camera on Keeping Up With the Kardashians -- watch the sneak peek. Sep 30, - On Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris Jenner accidentally walks in on Scott Disick "butt naked" – and tells all to daughter Kim.

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