Lube mounting tire

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#1 Lube mounting tire

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Lube mounting tire

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of WD40 as tire mounting lube. WD40 as tire mounting lube Is there any downside to using WD40 for mounting tube tires? I had never heard of this, Universal hobbies models I have twice heard so this week. Ride Safe, Ride Lots. I just use mpunting soap or hand soap. As an aside, the racers use coca cola as they say that will "stick" Lube mounting tire tire Lube mounting tire it won't spin on the rim. Jeux gratuit quebec detergent is alleged to Lube mounting tire corrosion. Auto parts stores sell tire mounting lube. BMW R bike rider, horizontally opposed to everything I know people use it but I am with Ride57, the solvent factor is great for many reasons but not for tire mounting if I am going to ride the bike. Originally Posted by bikerfish In a pinch maybe-for all the above Lubf. You probably don't need a bucket but if you showed up at a small time tire shop with Lube mounting tire zip-lock bag and used your hand to get it-they would give it to you. Sooner or later they make you choose. I wouldn't use solvent. As its original name suggests it was designed to displace water or moiture and it may actually dry out the compounds in Lube mounting tire tires. I keep a can of cheap silicoene spray on hand for my tire change needs and it does work better than WD, I have used both. What about Armor All orboth products are for protecting rubber, vinyl, etc.? Armor all dries it out also I don't know about the stuff but I know if you use Armor all and it gets down to where the...

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King of cheap that I am, I routinely find myself installing tires for one reason or another. When it comes to getting that rubber to slip over the rim, I typically use whatever slippery liquid I have at hand, including soap, oil and grease, without much thought to how it might interact with the rim. This Tech Tip applies to any motorcycle with aluminum rims: If you decide to change your own tires, you can safely use soapy water as a lubricant to dismount the old tire and mount the new tire. However, if your rim is made of anything other than chrome plated or stainless steel, I do not advise you to use soapy water. A local Honda dealer here in Houston installed new tires, front and rear, on my customer's GLSE Last week the customer brought his Gold Wing to my shop to install new fork seals and steering head bearings. He told me that his front tire had a slow leak. It turned out that the tire itself was not leaking. I checked the tire, valve stem, and valve for leaks using water from my garden hose. I found no leaks. Then I checked for leaks around the rim between the rim and tire bead. By this time, bubbles were flowing like an Alka-Seltzer tablet in a glass of water! I dismounted the tire from the rim, and found some grayish white powdery corrosion. This corrosion usually forms after a tire is lubricated with soapy water. Apparently, the soap in the soapy water had enough sodium hydroxide the stuff that makes soap slippery to corrode the alloy rims that are used on later model Gold Wings. Parts of the rim were also pitted right where the bead contacts the inside of the rim. If you ever get...

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Discussion in ' Thumpers ' started by scottcolbath , Apr 14, Log in or Join. What do you use? Oct 18, Oddometer: The ol' soap and water treatment works, but what have you used that you liked better? I have a flat and I'll be trying out my new Mojo Lever this weekend. I thought I would try something new if there were any suggestions. Jun 9, Oddometer: Rad , Apr 14, Sep 24, Oddometer: Forget the water, just squirt liquid dish soap around on the bead and SuperGlide , Apr 14, Dec 12, Oddometer: It came in a big can with a swab. Add hot water and voila. Steverino , Apr 14, Nov 16, Oddometer: I use the vegetable oil based product from NoMar But then again so did dish soap and water. Need it slicker and thicker? Just add more dish soap. May 26, Oddometer: It will work too. Bob , Apr 14, Sep 25, Oddometer: I second Rad, I tried soap and water, then more soap less water, more soap Also heard about straight Simple Green? Change tires, clean the bike all at once! Let us know how the new MojoTire lever works? RXCrunner , Apr 14, Mar 16, Oddometer: In the construction tire buisness,alot of the old timers use it. Just don't use the type with grit pumice. May 28, Oddometer: I dont use any. PoodlePumper , Apr 14, Sep 16, Oddometer: Motoplaner , Apr 14, Nov 9, Oddometer: Kamala , Apr 14, Oct 4, Oddometer: Dish Soap and Water. Feb 12, Oddometer: Got to be careful not to get any on your brake rotor. Jul 12, Oddometer: Dec 21, Oddometer: OldRider , Apr 14, Jun 24, Oddometer: Dagofast , Apr 14, Jun 15, Oddometer:...

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Lube mounting tire

Tire mounting compounds (Honey Color)

May 12, - Is there any downside to using WD40 for mounting tube tires? I had never heard of this, now I have twice heard so this week. Tire Mounting Lubricants make mounting/demounting tires easier, faster, and reduces stress and Tire mounting lubricant (Black-Ice Stop Rust Rim Release). I've used soapy water in the past and that worked well but I've only mounted tires on steel rims. I'm mounting on aluminum this time and I've.

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