Pharyngula octopus sex

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#1 Pharyngula octopus sex

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Pharyngula octopus sex

Bestiality is the unbiblical act of a human being engaging in sexual relations with an animal. When I sent Myers an email asking him to clarify what "specific conditions" would make bestiality morally acceptable in his opinion, he declined to address my email and my second article on the subject. There is really only one likely scenario in which it seems Myers would accept bestiality, also known as zoophilia, and that is if it is apparent that the animal Pharyngula octopus sex not being harmed and if it is demonstrating some kind of approval, enjoyment or "consent" in the act. The problem for Myers here is quite simple. If nothing must be held sacred, then why should bestiality be considered acceptable only under certain conditions and not always? Why should animal rights be an issue if animal rights are not sacred? These are logical contradictions he needs to address. What is happening here is that Myers is revealing in his quote that he does in fact believe that some boundaries must be held sacred. Myers also wrote, " On May 22,PZ Myers specifies under what conditions he thinks the practice of bestiality would be acceptable. On November 17,atheist Michael Nugent wrote:. Atheism and bestiality and Skeptic Pharyngula octopus sex Myers' comments on bestiality. So, it's more than a little amusing to see PZ Myers angrily Sweet car babes his daughter's public argument against anti-bestiality laws. Now, it's certainly the girl's right to advocate on Pharyngula octopus sex of whatever legal cause she feels Pharyngula octopus sex important to her, but this particular choice of subject really doesn't provide the most convincing evidence against the oft-repeated charge that atheists Pharyngula octopus sex hopelessly immoral. And if there's nothing rationally objectionable about the practice, then from whence comes this defensive paternal...

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Asian au pairs

Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Fixation-induced artefacts in octopus PDF: Squid in the diet of orange roughy PDF: Stomach contents of pilot whales - 1 PDF: Stomach contents of pilot whales - 2 Ceph Fossils Ammonites: A General Overview Belemnites: A Quick Look Nautiloids: Do Octopuses Commit Suicide? Exotic Birds Episode 2: King Prawn Episode 3: Curse of the Pumpkin Queen Episode 7: Fleeb Cooks a Cow Episode 8: Octopus Weighing Octopus Week Members Registered members Current visitors. The Biennial Cephalopod Conference. We have tons of searchable content and host a biennial conference. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more cephy goodness. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter danielabed Start date Sep 16, Joined Sep 14, Messages 2. I wonder how you can tell a male from female octopus without dissection? Is there an external morphological difference, a size differences or do they exhibit different behavoir? Joined Nov 19, Messages 4, There are many different families of octopus, but that with which most of you are familiar is Octopodidae your typical benthic octopuses. In this family the distalmost portion of the male's third left OR right but never both arm is modified into a thumb and shovel-like structure, the calamus and ligula, collectively referred to as the hectocotylus. In some shallow-water species, particularly those related to Octopus vulgaris or referred to this 'complex' , this hectocotylised portion is very small and not always easy to see with the naked eye, especially in juveniles; the male also has a thickened portion of web running the length of either the third right OR left arm but again, never both called the spermatophoral groove. In some other types of benthic octopus,...

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I rather like this illustration I ran across in some reading. Not the fantasies of Hokusai , Teraoka , or Saeki warning! Those links are not work safe! The short answer is…indiscriminately. We studied the reproductive behaviour of the blue-ringed octopus, Hapalochlaena lunulata , in the laboratory by examining 15 male-male and nine male-female interactions. The initiation of physical contact was independent of sex, size or residency status, and there were no noticeable changes in behaviour such as sexual displays associated with courtship or aggression prior to contact. Males did not distinguish between females or other males and copulated defined as the insertion of the hectocotylus into the mantle cavity of another octopus readily with both. Spermatophores were released in all copulations with females but not with males. The duration of copulation was significantly longer in male-female interactions median Although male-male copulations ended passively with the withdrawal of the hectocotylus by the initiating animal, male-female copulations were always terminated by the females following an intense struggle. These studies suggest the inability of male H. The experiment was simple: There is little obvious sexual dimorphism here other than size and the presence of an enlarged hectocotyl arm in the male, that he uses to insert into the female mantle and deposit a spermatophore. The expectation was that the male might engage in some signalling with that arm, and that the two individuals might do something to assert their sex and negotiate before mating. These octopuses seem to be able to recognize that the other is a conspecific, but do not recognize whether the other is male or female, at least not until after they begin copulation. Once copulation began, the male would figure out whether he was having sex with a male or a female. Male-male copulations typically only lasted...

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Bum fuck porn

Big community funding update! Octopus June 24, 8: Octopus Sex Lives Revealed posted by homunculus at 9: Man, they're way too delicious to be smart. That's just not fair to anyone. I think they straddle some kind of line between extremely quick reflexive and instinctual adaptability and actual measurable intelligence. They could just be tricking me, though. I have such a weird thing for cephalopods. At least eleven smart. Flamboyant Cousin posted by Burhanistan at 9: It's a "good" thing they only live for a few years otherwise we'd be welcoming our octopode overlords already. Smart enough to toy with their victims' emotions. Oh, it'll happen eventually. The stars just aren't right yet. Those cuttlefish in the second of the two links in "Flamboyant Cousin" look disturbingly like my, admittedly sane, imagining of what the head of Cthulhu might look like. Cuttlefish are like adorable alien hovercraft of the sea. I love me all octopuses, but can I take this opportunity to ask why every nature film clip has, frankly, cheesy sound effects? I've done some websites for PBS and I can tell you, when you watch 16 straight hours of a particular series in one sitting, you're like "oh, gurgle 4 again, is it? I will never, ever tire of cephalopod FPP's and comment threads. I once saw this octopus camouflage Youtube link and played it over and over, simply not believing it nor do many of the posters. Then later I saw the source, on a nature show. Here's another showing the amazing color change capability, plus, later, an IQ test being given to an octopus. I can't find it now, but I once saw a video of what may have been a cuttlefish placed over a black and white checkerboard. It's skin actually recreated the checkerboard pattern!...

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My Library at LibraryThing. Octopus abaculus is found only in the Phillippine Islands. It was formally described and named in by M. The shallow-water octopuses of the Philippines are diagnosed on the basis of material collected in a series of expeditions by the Smithsonian Institution to the region between and Twenty species of shallow-water octopuses are recognised, 18 in the genus Octopus, and one species each in the genera Hapalochlaena and Cistopus. Three new species are described from Philippine waters: Octopuses reported in the earlier work of G. Voss on the cephalopod fauna of the Philippines are reviewed and identifications updated. A diagnostic key and illustrations are provided along with information on taxonomy, distribution, aspects of life history and importance in fisheries. Norman, from a FAO species identfication guide 2. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Add to Technorati Favorites. The shallow-water octopuses Cephalopoda: Octopodidae of the Philippines, Invertebrate Taxonomy, 11 1 , Carpenter, Kent E and Volker H. Cephalopods, crustaceans, holothurians and sharks. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cori Wood on Worse or worst. Derek scott on Two-faced baby excites religio….

Pharyngula octopus sex

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Feb 27, - Now you can learn everything you need to know about octopus sex. It's a bit tangly: algaeoctos. But just in case you got lost in all the tentacles. Apr 18, - As someone mentioned, today's Friday Cephalopod has a rather fractal appearance. Octopus abaculus is found only in the Phillippine Islands. Jump to Michael Nugent's commentary on PZ Myers' material about human - women and octopuses described as 'hentai tentacle rape'.

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