Porch swing lag screws

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#1 Porch swing lag screws

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Porch swing lag screws

Precisely measuring the enjoyment porch swings provide is difficult, but a good place to start is monitoring how long your smile lasts. A white swing provides just the right finishing touch for the gingerbread-trimmed front porch of a Victorian-era house. A porch swing isn't just a piece of furniture, Porch swing lag screws a state of mind. Hop on, sway for a bit, and you're transported to a stress-free zone. Just Dirty diaper container Suzanne Henninger, who owns a weekend cottage in Seaside, Florida, where the front porch features a swing painted a cool blue. Even the simplest porch swing offers a taste of gracious living, perhaps because it's a reminder of more genteel times. Such swings became popular in the mids, an era known for Xl twin foam topper with wraparound porches, when Americans began enjoying more leisure Porch swing lag screws. They were particularly favored in the sultry South, where they provided a much-appreciated artificial breeze. While metal and wicker versions are available, most porch Porch swing lag screws today are wooden, made from teak, cedar, pine, maple, or oak. Some homeowners may prefer a painted swing, either crisp white or a color that complements their porch or exterior trim. For the most part, swing seats come 4 or 5 feet long; they may be contoured or flat. Seat depth varies widely, from 18 to 36 inches. The scgews swing Norm built measures 4 feet screds and has a seat that is 18 inches deep, dimensions he finds just right. Since comfort comes down to personal preference, it's a good idea to test-drive a swing before you buy. Style differences emerge mainly in the swing's back: It may be squared off or curved, and constructed with horizontal or vertical slats, which may be set close together...

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New, highly rated, and favorite products to help you take on life. We have updated our password strength requirements. Your current password is not strong enough. Please reset your password. Your porch swing should be a place to relax, and one of the keys to a hanging porch swing is proper installation. Cutting corners could ultimately cause you to come crashing down literally. By equipping yourself with the right hardware, measuring correctly and following the proper installation steps you will reward yourself with countless seasons of carefree swinging. Make sure your ceiling framing is strong enough to support your porch swing. A typical two-person swing can be supported by a single 2 x 8 joist, two 2 x 6 joists, or three 2 x 4 joists, provided all joists are adequately supported at both ends for load-bearing application. Anchoring hardware and chains, ropes and connectors, such as S-hooks, must be suitable for outdoor exposure and offer a working load rating of pounds or more. You can buy porch swing hanger kits that include fancy swivel-type hanger mounts and heavy-duty springs for smoother swinging. The hanger mounts install with lag screws. Whichever you choose, make sure all your hardware is galvanized or stainless steel for corrosion-resistance. Chains need to be galvanized or stainless steel. For side clearance, give yourself at least 14 to 16 inches on either side of the swing. This ensures even weight distribution and prevents the chains from rubbing against the swing. Joists are often 2 x 6 or larger lumber, but they can be as small as 2 x 4. If you have access to your porch structure through the attic, note the joist size and general placement. Without attic access, remove a piece of trim in the ceiling or cut a small hole to measure the...

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Sean Kelliher, who lives in Readington, NJ, reached out with a compliment and a question. I'd like to add a porch swing to our existing porch and have a question. I searched your website and found an article where you recommend using eyelet through bolts instead of eyelet lag bolts. I'm confident I can find the center of the joist to screw into. My question is, is there any size eyelet lag bolt that you feel would be sufficient? Obviously not the ideal method, but we're talking less than lbs on the swing at a time at most - certainly no more than lbs including the swing itself. Also, would adding springs relieve any pull on the bolts? Sean, a single eyelet bolt to hold each side of the porch swing is simply not acceptable. I say this even if you use a half-inch bolt that's 6-inches long. I'd never trust it. If there's absolutely no way to access the top of the joists to put in a through bolt, then the only way I'd do it is have a welder create a 1. The hole locations would be at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 inches along the bar. You'll have to drill a countersink hole in the porch ceiling to accommodate the bolt, nut and washer. Apply two coats of finish paint. You don't want this bar to rust after it's up. Be sure you don't strip out the wood when you tighten the eight lag bolts. There is nothing sacred about a porch ceiling. Install eyebolts with proper washers and nuts. Glue the cutouts back in place. Spray paint as needed to blend with ceiling. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign up to my newsletter to receive...

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Did your swing come without all the hardware you needed to hang it up, or has your swing broken recently? Do you need to replace a missing bolt for your porch swing before you can use it again? Eye bolts are thick, durable bolts that are screwed into the top of a swing to hang it to a beam for support. There are a lot of other uses for bolts like these, too. If you purchase a set of them, you may find other ways to make the most of the additional pieces that come in your set. Safety is key when using a porch swing! Last update on at Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site s , as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. This Swivel Eye Bolt is a great choice when you have everything else you need to put up a hanging swing or chair but you are just missing the eye bolt itself. Check it out on Amazon. Choose the Safe-Kidz Heavy Duty Swing Hangers when you want to bring home one of the most popular sets of swing hangers on the market today. This kit comes with everything you need to get started and is designed to work on just about any type of existing swing and mounting hardware you may already have. Use these Extra-Duty Swing Hangers to get your swing put up in no time. These hangers can hold up to pounds of weight per hanger and are designed for use on residential swings. Choose this Classic Porch Swing Hanging Kit when you need a little bit of everything to get your swing put in place correctly. This kit comes with two complete sets that will allow you to safely...

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But, I'm wondering how accurate that rating is -- i. The packaging does caution against use for supporting human weight -- I assume that's a liability issue, as I couldn't find any that didn't have the same warning. The house is 75 years old, and the porch is likely that old as well. Not sure if that works against me aging wood or for me possibly old growth wood. I was confronted with this exact situation. I ended up using a jig saw to cut an access hole in the soffet crawl space to install actual eye bolts. The eventual failure from the side to side loading of the lag screws was not something I ever wanted to have to deal with. If you really can't get to the top side of the joist to install a washer and lock nut, I would weld eyes to steel strips and attach them to the joist with at least 2 leg bolts each. And make sure you drill the proper size holes, the rating is super dependent on correct engagement of the threads and the wood. Make sure not to over tighten as you could partially strip threads out. I've seen those bend when hanging anything that swings. You are probably better off with a plate and ring combination. All the ones I've had have four screw holes and fit on the bottom of a standard joist. I've seen ones with both fixed rings and rings that can rotate swing freely in one direction. I've used them for exercise rings and heavy bags and they held up fine. A porch swing generally doesn't swing a lot, so the eye screws may be okay, but that rating is cutting it rather close. The limiting factor is the shear strength of the wood -...

Porch swing lag screws

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Are you looking for a safe and sturdy way to hang up your porch swing? Did your Swivel Eye Bolt - Lag Bolt Swivel Swing & Chair Hanger by Levi Innovations. Lag Screw or Bolt. Step 1: Find a place to hang the swing. Step 2: Drill small holes for the lag screw or bolt to fit through. Step 3: Measure out lengths of chain for the four corners of your porch swing and cut your chain to size. Step 4: Screw in the lag screw or bolt and attach a swivel hook to help the swing. Recently picked up a porch swing and now I want to hang it under our deck. . I would look at the Spax lag screws made for treated lumber.

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