Sailing season virgin islands

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#1 Sailing season virgin islands

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Sailing season virgin islands

Whether you're a beginner sailor or a long-time seasoned sailor, the Virgin Islands is the ideal destination for a Charter Yacht Vacation. The consistent year-round conditions create a perfect Caribbean yacht charter: The short distances between the islands make for relaxing, line-of-sight sailing. There are plenty of excellent snorkeling and diving sites, local restaurants and fun beach bars ashore. Thomas, a short direct flight from the United States. Thomas is a bustling tourist destination. Children walk past on their way to school in their brightly colored uniforms. You will hear the hawkers at the outdoor straw market selling their wares and smell the freshly prepared pates of meat and salt fish for sale. Charlotte Amalie, the capital, offers an Horny gay austrailian guuys of shops, restaurants and bars with everything from local spices, jams, rums, and soaps to handcrafted jewelry, silk-screened fabrics, and local art, along with Sweet erotic sex videos, porcelain, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics. This is a duty-free port. Board your yacht in St. Thomas and after lunch, enjoy a leisurely sail or motor sail to Frances Bay on St. Savor American gay free porn and a delicious dinner either in the cockpit under the stars or below in the coziness of the main salon. After breakfast depart for Leinster Bay, on St. John, for snorkeling, exploring and a hike to a sugar mill. The sea life is vibrant and it is exciting to snorkel into some of the caves, which are quite shallow. Dinner and wine is served in the open air of the cockpit, or if you prefer, in the spacious salon below. Food and bar included in all inclusive charters. Beware of Sailing season virgin islands barreled pirate rum! After a delicious breakfast and a quick swim or hike ashore if you...

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We are planning a yachting trip Moorings in BVI and I am having difficulty determining the best time to go on this trip. It seems that if you want to avoid hurricane season, high season prices , and spring break; then: May, October, and November would be the best months. Am I wrong about this? Ideal conditions would be: What months would you recommend? October and November are still, officially, hurricane season. May or June might be a good time for you; water should be warm and calm. We have gone several times in late November to early December and love it during that time of the year. There are typically light crowds and great deals to be found. It can rain, but usually just for a short time and then the sun comes back out. The forecast almost always shows rain because it generally will rain somewhere in the islands for at least a little bit every day. However, I don't remember ever getting a full day of rain - though a couple weeks ago I know they had several days in a row with significant rain. Conditions can be anything from very calm, to perfect sailing, to Christmas winds which can blow hard for several days in a row. However, we have found the sailing to be very manageable and have never had the Christmas winds for more than one or two days. As a matter of fact, the heaviest conditions we ever sailed in in the Virgin Islands was during March when a depression was passing to the North of the islands. In other words, you can get any conditions at any time of the year, except maybe hurricanes. For us, November-December tends to be or favorite time due to the combination of low crowds, great prices...

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Sailing season virgin islands

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May 16, - Although the Caribbean is nice year round except during August and September, when it is hurricane season, the best time to sail the Eastern Caribbean from St. Thomas to Grenada is in the early summer – March through June. The truth is that it's not that the Caribbean sailing weather is particularly hurricane seasons, the perception that one should not go to the Caribbean in the. Mar 1, - Contrary to perceived wisdom, the Caribbean can be a delightful place high and low season, especially in the popular British Virgin Islands.

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