Sexiest nfl players

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#1 Sexiest nfl players

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Sexiest nfl players

Whether football is your thing or not, there's one thing nobody Sexiest nfl players deny: These are the most swoon-worthy ones this season. Wide receiver Relationship status: Married What makes him so sexy: Plus, Gisele basically holds the top title for hottest NFL players wives. He stands up for what he believes in. Think cheerleaders aren't real athletes? Try this routine from The Jets Flight Crew. W ide receiver Relationship status: In a relationship What makes him so sexy: Jackson's son, DeSean Jackson Jr. An athletic dad who's all about his kid? Yep, that guarantees a spot on the sexiest NFL players list. There are a lot of cute NFL players, but Clay is basically the real-life version of swoon-worthy superhero Thor. And he models for Hugo Boss. Oh and he's married to Ciara. That instantly ups his hot factor. Running back Relationship status: Hands down, this guy is one of the hottest NFL players in the game. Single What makes him so sexy: Plus, we hear he's a single NFL player looking for love—call us, maybe? With a touchdown Vintage moscow olympic posters like thatCruz sure knows how Sexiest nfl players move! When he and Tom Brady are on the field, you're basically looking at the most attractive NFL players—and it's just so hard to pull our eyes away from the screen. To praise her success not just her hot body. Tight end Sexiest nfl players status: Sexiest nfl players What makes him so sexy: He's a super proud father of three. Defensive end Relationship status: Chris can credit his genes for making him one of the hottest NFL players: People may argue over whether he's one of the best NFL players, but there's one thing we know for sure: He was a presenter at the Tony Awards....

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Time for fantasy competitions, game day snacks, and, for some of us, checking out the really good-looking players. Although many players are taken, we've rounded up the most-eligible, and most-attractive men of the NFL who are single. Well, as far as we know. He's been rumored to be dating model Poly Ferfeli , but the pair hasn't confirmed it. There were also rumors that he was dating model and activist Amber Rose , but those have fizzled out. He stepped up as the Cowboys' starting quarterback after Tony Romo was injured. Prescott has been linked to a few models including Playboy's Dallas Nicole, but he claimed to not even know who she was , so it's safe to say that Prescott is likely a single man. He has been invited to four Pro Bowls, went to the Super Bowl in , and during his time in college, led the University of Alabama to an undefeated season. Despite his professional success, Jones seems to be single. He was previously linked to singer Jasmine Villegas, a. He made history when he became the first first-team All-Pro in NFL history to be elected in two different positions in the same year. There are no signs that Mack has been romantically-linked to anyone yet. If you're looking to capture his heart, you might try serenading him with songs from "Mary Poppins," which he says is his favorite movie. Since , Rodgers was linked to actress Olivia Munn until they announced their breakup in early He has made clear that he is a single man. Berry was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma on December 8, , but returned to the NFL cancer-free in He became the highest-paid safety in the NFL in Berry has been romantically linked to writer Justine Brown, but it's...

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Plus, the ultra-healthy athlete is as dedicated to his diet as he is to sports; eating only organic fruits and veggies, free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, and fish now we know why he has such a hot bod. What do you get when you combine a little Southern wholesomeness, a dash of adorable nerdiness, and a pinch of boyish charm? From marrying his college sweetheart to volunteering in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Manning is an Eli-te class act—on and off the field. This homeschooled hunk has become quite the pop-culture phenomenon. Terrell Owens knows how to keep things entertaining. From his flamboyant touchdown celebrations to getting up close and personal on his VH1 reality show, the studly baller is definitely fun to watch. With Mark Sanchez it sure is! The eye candy keeps coming with this cutie QB. Brady Quinn is Hot with a capital H! The year-old just beat out Ricky Stanzi for the backup quarterback spot for the Chiefs, but even if he doesn't play, he'll look mighty fine on the bench to us. With that amazing hair and adorable smile, he's definitely got game. During his days at Notre Dame as one of the fighting Irish, the hottie broke more than 35 school records. His attraction to all things athletic doesn't stop there; he's been dating girlfriend, elite gymnast Alicia Sacramone , since The talented Giant has worn No. Since joining the Patriots in , Welker has caught more passes than any player in the league, and he ranks in the top five in yardage to boot. The wide receiver also reached receptions with the Patriots in just 70 games, an NFL record. With big, bulging biceps and beautiful piercing eyes, he happens to be a dead ringer for comic book superhero Thor. This Minnesota Viking...

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Sexiest nfl players

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Jan 30, - The Hottest Football Players in the NFL. 1 of Getty Images. Tom Brady. 2 of Getty Images. Mychal Kendricks. 3 of Getty Images. Aaron Rodgers. 4 of Cam Newton. Quarterback, Carolina Panthers. 5 of Getty Images. Alex Smith. 6 of Getty Images. DeSean Jackson. 7 of Getty Images. Colin Kaepernick. Sep 6, - These Are the Hottest Players from Every Team in the NFL The NFL season kicks off this Thursday with its first regular season. Jan 30, - Hottest NFL Hunks: Tom Brady, Eric Decker, Russell Wilson and More! Take a look at some of the hottest NFL players, from Tom Brady to Eric.

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