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#1 Tantra home study course

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Tantra home study course

This powerful and insightful course will teach you everything that you need to know about the exciting world of Tantra. The course teaches the history, evolution, and the common misconceptions society has about the practice. The Tantra home study course common misconception of Tantra is that it is all about sexuality and sexual rituals, and while these do feature, they are not the focus of its teachings. This is combined with the misconception of its association with black magic and the magical powers of a guru. A modernised version of Tantra has now become a spiritual way of life for many, though often through misconceptions — focussing on the more superficial qualities of the tradition while disregarding its true nature. The Tantra Diploma Course explains how the five main elements of water, earth, air, fire Tantra home study course space Tantra home study course present in our bodies and the universe, making us one with it and the divine energy that surrounds it. The course goes into detail about each element and the four freedoms endorsed by the tradition: Tantric yoga is so well known that it is often, incorrectly, thought of as just a different type of yoga. This course explains how it is an integral part of both traditional and modernised Tantric teachings. The power of Shakti, the source of energy for all lifeforms, and its relation to Tantra is discussed. The course details the concepts and theologies of Kundalini yoga and the similarities and differences it has with Tantric yoga. It explains how these two practices, while unique, are interrelated Exam internal pregnant when heavily influenced by one another. The practice of Tantric meditation is explained, including the Tantra home study course and energy bodies, the differences and similarities between these, and how they are affected...

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Vintage soldiers pocket guide to germany

Tantric and Taoist sacred sex practices date back as far as 6, years in India and China. Now modern lovers are benefiting from these amazing techniques. Go to Blogger edit html and find these sentences. Now replace these sentences with your own descriptions. This theme is Bloggerized by Lasantha Bandara - Premiumbloggertemplates. Explore the Tantra way of living and the Tantra way of loving. Throughout the year they offer sessions at exotic locales around the world. The Tantric teaching works on four levels, corresponding to the four freedoms: On the physical level, you learn very specific techniques for joyous and extended lovemaking. On the mental level you learn to shift habitual attitudes to sex and relationships, overcoming negative conditioning that may have taught you sex is bad or shameful and that relationships always fade. On the emotional level, you learn to trust, to let go and surrender, to open your heart. On the energetic level, you go beyond previously perceived boundaries to connect in ways that are much more than physical. We teach these secrets at our world-renowned weekend retreats. But, not everyone can come to us! So we've created a clear, easy-to-follow, at-home program for you. It includes the complete text of our published book 28 Days to Ecstasy for Couples: Tantra Step by Step. Plus we've added more than photo illustrations and 35 original videos so you can learn easily at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. Our Tantra Home Study Course will enable you to graduate from ordinary sex to ecstatic sex within as little as one month. Tantra Sex Step By Step. Tantra Home Study Course. Tuesday, May 17, Tantra Sex Workshop. Videos Tags Blog Archives. Labels home study course 1 tantra course 1 tantra exercises seminar 1 tantra guide 1 tantra...

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Takato sex with tentacles

Tantra, the art of sacred loving, elevates your sexuality beyond the physical. This ancient practice of uniting sex and spirit is especially relevant for modern lovers who long for deeper connection and greater pleasure. This video home study course is designed for lovers who are very busy. It shows you that Tantra is a practical approach to intimacy that can have a profound impact on your life, without requiring a great deal of extra time. The difference in your lovemaking and in your relationship will be no less than astonishing and awesome. The first step of your journey begins when you click to purchase our one-of-a-kind Tantra home study course. We not only know what you need to learn a body of knowledge and a set of skills , we also understand how learning takes place. We have structured this course to give you every possible learning advantage. We wish someone had done this for us all those many years ago when we were just starting our Tantric journey together. If you are seeking deeper learning, the eBook is your ideal guide. Identifying Learning Outcomes, asking Review Questions and getting you to reflect on your personal learning experience through our Questions for Reflection will dramatically increase your learning effectiveness, and significantly speed your progress. We feel this is what committed couples need to keep the passion alive in their relationship. As we cried we paused and hugged, and once the intensity of the moment subsided we continued on. Description Description Tantra Home Study Course Outline We not only know what you need to learn a body of knowledge and a set of skills , we also understand how learning takes place. Pala and Al Your Instructors. Add to cart View more. Pala and Al Your Instructors This course is not...

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Tantra teaches reintegration with the Whole and highlights life from a wholesome perspective. The long-term study is an individualized program according to your specific focus with guidance and instruction by the Guru. Shri Kali Ashram teaches that Yoga is an ultra science, not a sport or a game. Yoga by its nature never teaches competition. Competition means that one is always comparing and contrasting to external measures. Yoga instills integration, enrichment and incomparable inner strength. With these qualities, yogis master life. Mastery gives fulfillment and fulfillment stops one from dependence on the external. At Shri Kali Ashram one learns the whole science of Tantra, both the physical and spiritual facets that make up a complete and organic system. We contrast New Age and Traditional teachings so that our students understand the value of Traditional Tantra and Yoga. Our initiation brings one to actually become a Tantric. With this knowledge, one can realistically represent as a Tantric or a Yogi and be a qualified professional teacher. The teachings can be regarded as an intensive course to step out of your everyday life and contemplate on life's broader purpose in our relaxed environment. Because of the unique nature of the Traditional Tantra Yoga system, greater understanding, skill and development will naturally arise from more time studying and integrating the system. Proficiency is therefore gained with time and attentive study. All students build upon the same foundation of knowledge introduced in the initial aspects of the course. It is because of this that we offer long-term study for those serious about integrating Tantra as an integral life culture. T antric Initiation takes us to new vistas of knowledge and experience and leads us to become sacred and optimal. The initiation and its knowledge gives us integration and a wholesome Identity that protects against...

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How to write a harrassment letter

Men and women are empowered, discovering the unique role each plays in the dance of life. We learn love and respect for ourselves and others. Tantra lifestyle meditations bring bliss and lasting self-transformation. This sublime 7 level training for lovers is the only one of its kind in the world. Give you and your partner the gift of quality time to explore, heal, open up and transform your relationship. Discover your true potential for divine sexuality, love and ecstasy. You are held in a sacred circle of women, allowing your secrets to surface, allowing the seed of your being to at last find its potential, to break through frozen earth into the warmth of spring. In the heart, it is always spring. Discovering the eternal wisdom of woman, we can at last come home to our power, living our true expansive nature. It is a rare opportunity to explore these methods experientially in the unsurpassed beauty of Osho Nisarga, a Himalayan meditation centre. Sarita offers a tantric transmission using on-line video. If residential courses are difficult or you want guidance to deepen your practice at home then check out the free taster video. Sarita also offers telephone counselling and consultancy for businesses and organisations. Participants share their challenges and their ecstasy during and after events with Sarita and the Tantra Essence Team. I appreciated the spirituality and the safety of the group structure and the way I was nourished by the quiet times in the midst of the challenging fireworks! And in the presence of some wonderful, loving people, new friends. Sarita is a world renowned Tantra master and mystic, true to the spiritual essence of Tantra and her direct transmission from Osho. At tantra-essence, Sarita shares the sublime ecstasy of Tantra as a spiritual path. For her work as...

Tantra home study course

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Discover the history and evolution of Tantra, its philosophies and practical Online study; Tutor support; No time limit for completing your course . The Tantra Diploma Course will take you up to hours to complete working from home. Learn Tantra today: find your Tantra online course on Udemy. A variety of courses offered by Sarita to suit individuals, singles, couples, lovers, Discovering the eternal wisdom of woman, we can at last come home to our.

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