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#1 Teen moms why didn you

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Teen moms why didn you

The show became so popular that it birthed a few spin-off series, Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, and Teen Mom 3featuring a ton of colorful characters. There are countless MTV shows that last a season or two before being cut, but for some reason, people love to get an inside look at the lives of young moms. The teen moms have now become something young moms, but viewers continue to tune in to see everything that the cast are getting up to - Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Baltierra, Maci McKinney and Amber Portwood. Some of the cast remain relatively unknown, apart from fans of the show, while others have made a name for themselves - although not always for the right reasons. Here are 15 things you may not have known ddidn the cast of Teen Mom OG - although the way the show yoj been going, you may very well be Derek riley green these ladies well into eTen 30s. MTV tries not to depict reality television show contestants smoking Big butt black chicks camera very much. What you may not have known is that Catelynn and her now hubby Tyler Dicn are both smokers. Compared to some of the other cast members, her vices seem almost tame, but still shy not exactly a good habit to have. Unlike Farrah, who seems to do anything to get on camera, Amber turned the deal down. There is, after all, a difference between letting your life be filmed and broadcast on a reality television show, and mlms the world see ddn of you in graphic detail. I mean, the woman was in prison after getting the choice to either do jail time or do time in rehab. However, you may be surprised to know just how young she first got...

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Mixing latex paint

There's a general consensus that her on-camera attitude has left a lot to be desired over the years. The teen from Council Bluffs, Iowa, was your average high school senior with "big, big dreams," juggling school, cheerleading practice and a part-time job when she found out she was pregnant. Where Are They Now? Derek, 18, was behind the wheel when he lost control of the car, which flipped over and hit a utility pole. Another friend in the car, Zachary Mendoza, was also killed, while the other passenger, Dustin Congdon, survived. A postmortem determined Underwood's blood-alcohol level was below the legal limit. Mendoza's mother was eventually charged with supplying alcohol to minors, a misdemeanor , after she was caught on a security camera purchasing a bottle of vodka that was found in the boys' possession after the crash; she was fined and given probation, KMTV's Action 3 News reported at the time. He had been working as a waiter. Though local news covered Derek's death, Farrah's back story wasn't fully addressed on Teen Mom until season two, and the whole saga has continued to unfold in bits and pieces over the past decade. Sophia was born on Feb. Cheers to the sweet life with you! Though Farrah's relationship with Derek had soured and she objected to his mom visiting with Sophia, she apparently made sure that the child knows at least some of her dad's side of the family. She wants Sophia to know our side of the family. I have two daughters, they get together with her as well. When Farrah calls, we're here She added, "Derek was excited to be a dad and planned to be in Sophia's life, no matter what. He told us that. Farrah moved out and in enrolled at the Fort Lauderdale Institute of...

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Conjoined twins photo craniopagus

The show has been on for years and has since become an empire for MTV. Since then, we've seen them and their families change and grow — including two spinoff shows, featuring even more moms — but the cast's lives aren't always exactly what they seem like on TV. Babies have been born, some of the stars have been married, divorced, and married again, and now, the fourth wall has been broken and we get to see the moms interact with their producers and the crew like never before. It doesn't seem like "Teen Mom" is going anywhere anytime soon, and that's partly because there's so much going on behind-the-scenes. Originally, "Teen Mom" was meant to be a schedule filler show, but when it became such a massive hit, MTV ordered more episodes. Cosmo's oral history also revealed that in order to keep their lives as teen reality stars normal — as if that's possible — Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra, who are now married, were only able to film after school and had to finish up early so that they'd still have time to do their homework. It looks like it paid off, because they both did get their high school diplomas and they're still together to this day. It did not make our jobs easy, but we did it, and we're still super respectful of the kids and their schedules. As we've seen on both "Teen Mom OG" and "Teen Mom 2," the cast has spent so much time with their producers that they're practically family at this point, and that actually makes a lot of sense. They're essentially co-workers, right? And over the years, they've become friends — but that doesn't mean they don't have to keep boundaries in mind when it comes to the personal crossing over...

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Annes lace print queen

Catelynn, who described her mom April as "pretty unpredictable," had lived in 13 different houses since she was born in Tyler's dad, Butch , had been in and out of prison. Oh, and April and Butch, both single when they met through their kids, had ended up marrying each other, making Catelynn and Tyler step siblings. And Tyler lived with his mother. Teen Mom Status Check: Which Couples Are Still Together? She knew she was having a girl, but, as she pointed out to her friends, "I've talked about keeping it, but there's not really a lot of good things about keeping it. Like, there is, but there isn't. And they continue to stand out as the only original couple from the earliest days of the surprise hit series who are still together to this day. They celebrated 12 years together last summer, and have now been married for more than two years. They are also now parents to daughter Novalee Reign , born in January At only 25 and 26 years old, they've still got a long way to go, but they've been through more than most couples their age, from the shocking news of Catelynn's first pregnancy to having to stay strong in the face of their parents' objection to their decision to adopt, to dealing with that guilt trip and the inevitable emotional aftermath of their decision once their daughter was adopted, to Catelynn's battle with depression. To Catelynn, as they continued to talk it out, Tyler said, "I think keeping the baby would totally ruin us I don't think our lives are very stable to raise a child. They didn't really know anything about adoption, yet, but once they set on that course, the couple started doing their research—including just how involved they would...

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Yaoi fan manga


Teen moms why didn you

It wasn't meant to last this long.

Feb 28, - No one from the original cast of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom has gotten whom 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom didn't even name at first (he was just I think if you treat Farrah with respect, she treats you with respect.". Jun 29, - Fun fact: MTV didn't even plan for Teen Mom to be a thing. [In conceiving Teen Mom,] the question was, can we turn these stories into an. Jun 28, - Here are 15 things you may not have known about the cast of Teen Mom OG - although the way the show has been going, you may very well.

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