Texas twins mpg

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#1 Texas twins mpg

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Texas twins mpg

By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein. Texas twins mpg to the updated THT! We thank you for your patience as we help you access the new site! I am considering a boat from feet. Boat A is displacement and Texas twins mpg, what most would regard as good fuel economy, let's say 5 GPH at 10 knots, while Boat B burns twice as Sex dating greater london fuel at 10 GPH but at 20 knots. So, take both boats on a nautical Adult stores in coos bay oregon run, Boat A uses 50 gallons and Boat B uses 50 gallons. They get the same fuel economy! Also, with the slower displacement you less able to twinz run a storm. How many miles each summer start to justify the initial expense of a diesel, Last edited by cymru; at Send a private message to cymru. Find More Posts by cymru. I twiins speak to better or best but My boat Tedas length Send a private message to aubv. Find Texaz Posts by aubv. In my experience smaller motors do not equate to better economy. Properly sized motors do. Picking a boat that's meets your needs is more important. How will you use the boat. Offshore, I would recommend one thing. Send a private message to Charlie in TX. There are so many variables, there's no way to answer. What type of boat are you thinking about? Cruiser, fishing, go-fast, center cockpit, cuddy? Where are you using it, small lake or out in the ocean? Inboard, I-O or outboard? Single or twin engine? Give us a few hints. Send a private message to chuck Find More Posts by chuck Originally Posted by Charlie...

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Home Help Calendar Login Register. CoolRob on April 27, , Robert Better to be exploited then not exploited. This is the seed sown along the path. Magnum Magna on April 27, , I make her drive me around you know the view is much better when you are not having to watch the road. I haven't checked the fuel milage since my wife started riding the Magna, but when I was riding it, I got a consistant 50 mpg avg. Everything on my wife's Magna is stock except for the resonator mod. I weigh lbs and have been told that I ride aggressively, There are too many variables to put an exact number on what is normal. I do take offense to the insinuation that those of us who say we're getting 50 plus mpg are exaggerating. I went once And all these postings seem to verify what I said in my first comment. Or drive downlhill with the wind at your back. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll check into it in the next few days. My Magna has many extra on it but I am not sure about the engine. According to the previous owner, the bike has not been rejet. My last trip was the Ride for Kids on Sunday. I rode 55 miles to the starting location and then another 35 for the ride. After the ride, I rode for another 5 miles then started to hit the reserve. I remember one thing is my other Magna, model, had the same issue with the MPG. I changed out the sprockets and chain but stick to the factory configuration. Other than that, every thing on that bike was stock. CoolRob on April 28, , Someone in the Houston Area Should be able to help...

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I just got back from a rather long solo ride with various conditions but mostly straight ahead riding with very VERY little traffic or stopping. But I was cruising at 50mph to 65mph most of the time and yes, occasionally, 75mph I am blown away at my fuel mileage. I was getting nervous near the end but my display kept saying I have like miles to go, etc.. When the little light finally came on, I started looking for gas and when topping off a few miles later, the bike took almost 3. BUT IN miles!! Good gravy, that is insane!! I am so pleased. Doesn't seem right to me. I only have my T to compare to 4. Maybe more, I just haven't pushed the fuel light too long. IF it is indeed right, that's awesome. Originally Posted by justinlself View Post. Seems that's the new paradigm, high torque, low rev engines. Originally Posted by Soulkicker View Post. I've been averaging about mpg US on my T My average fuel mileage indicator is never less then 62mpg and frequently 65mpgmpg. My KZ is hard pressed to get 45mpgmpg in any conditions. FWIW, cruise control doesn't seem to adversely effect gas mileage. I rode my T without cruise for about five months. Now, I use CC quite a bit, and there's no noticeable difference in fuel economy. CC will vary engine speed slightly to keep a steady indicated speed, but I figure the engine has so much displacement that the minor variations in RPM don't count for much. All posts must adhere to Forum Rules Quote message in reply? In order to be able to post messages on the Triumph Forum: Triumph Rat Motorcycle Forums forums, you must first register. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and...

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Dangerous's Garage Triumph Street Twin. Poor fuel economy after decat? I expected a slight drop after removing the cat, but that is just not worth it. Has anyone else experienced this after removing the cat? Any idea why this might be happening? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro. I doubt if the O2 sensors are affecting the fuelling to that extent as they operate more under idle and cruise conditions. You could swap the sensor connections and see if that makes any difference. Graphs that I have seen have leaned out the mixture slightly when you add a crossover. Could be you are just hammering it more? Last edited by Tricolour; at Tricolour is online now. No, a decat improves fuel efficiency, as you need less throttle to accelerate to the same speed, plus the mixture is slightly leaner than stock. Bike with a few things added, such as I prefer riding my bike to bragging about the chromed rear foot-pegs. Does that make me strange? I'm seeing no noticeable change in fuel economy on my T after de-cat. On board fuel average MPG calculations over several tanks remain accurate, matching manual calculations. The number is always between MPG, about the same as it was. Can't detect any change in power after de-cat, at least not with the seat of my pants. The throttle is much smoother. Not different, just more. I can hear the bike at cruise now, where I couldn't with the stock exhaust system. We've had some really warm weather recently, great for riding. My T now seems to give off a lot less heat, and the cooling fan seems to run a lot less than before de-cat. Dangerous Definitely figure out which 02 sensor belongs where. I can't authoritatively say it makes a difference...

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We put our four mpg contenders through a mileage drive in and around the Houston area. Each of the trucks ran a mile loop twice: Our drive route was flat with little elevation change, and traffic was light for the most part, which helped each contender quite a bit. The majority of the drive loop was spent on open highways, and although there were sections of street driving, our calculated numbers skewed heavily toward EPA-estimated highway fuel-economy figures. We ran the second loop with each truck going in the opposite direction of the first loop, using the same roads and highways to avoid Houston's morning and evening rush-hour congestion. The Ram EcoDiesel, not surprisingly, won both loops by a good margin, turning in numbers better than 30 mpg better than its EPA highway figures when empty and loaded. We did have some fuel-filler issues on our empty loop with the Ram due to diesel foaming with the capless filler hose, which can be a problem even if you literally see fuel going up to the cap. That forced us to rely on trip-computer mpg numbers for the Ram for our data. Calculations for the other trucks were done the normal way: We divided the number of miles driven by the measured gallons of fuel. We should note that we reset the trip computer for the Chevy and Ford at our first fillup; base Tundras like our tester do not have trip computers. We'll revisit this fuel-economy issue at a later date and will retest the Ram EcoDiesel as soon as we're able. In terms of ownership costs, Ford recommends premium for the F's EcoBoost engine although all the factory performance and EPA fuel-economy numbers were calculated with regular unleaded fuel , while the Chevrolet Silverado and Toyota Tundra use regular...

Texas twins mpg

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Jan 25, - All of our competitors turned in lower real-world fuel economy figures than their . Initial good comments on the GM twins, then straight into the. Oct 23, - 's Top Ten High MPG list looks quite a bit like the list, with Suzuki-built cars Geo Metro XFi – 3-cyl., liter – MPG: 53 city / 58 highway; Honda Civic HB VX . Your list is well and good, but I thought I'd mention the Tempo/Topaz twins. I just made a trip from East Coast to Texas and back. The Magna is not a bike known for high MPG. twins will get a little better and twin fuel injected gets much better. 32 MPG is a little low.

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