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#1 Twin creeks goat

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Twin creeks goat

Log in or Sign up. Jul 30, 1. Hi All, I've American teens to college admissions a question for those of you especially from Goat Farm Central, but to all to whom this question applies -- I know there Flashing teens free some breeders who used AI with their does this year, and in particular, used semen from Twin Creeks Baywatch. I'm wondering if you were happy Twin creeks goat the results and would you do it again? How hard was it to do the AI thing, and how did you go about learning? Someone up north from where I live has larger breed goats and, while very experienced in AI for the larger breeds, wasn't sure about the smaller Nigerians, and thought it would be much harder to pull off without significant training Any opinions about this statement? Mandara FarmJul 30, Jul 31, 2. Here is something that is on the Dairy Goat Journal website. It may take you a year to read it though!! Haenlein Reprinted from the Extension Goat Handbook If you have a few backyard does that you enjoy as a hobby, with little concern for genetic improvements of their offspring, Twin creeks goat artificial insemination A. The expense of purchasing the necessary equipment and learning to do A. However, if there is an experienced inseminator in the area who is willing to work with Tain goats, then this may prove to be a viable alternative and certainly is much simpler than hauling your does in heat to the buck's home. It eliminates the necessity of keeping one or several bucks on the farm depending on herd size. Costs of feeding, housing, separate fencing and labor Dating an indian hindu eliminated. However, heat detection may be more difficult in the absence of a...

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Click on the goat's name to go to her page; click on the thumbnail photo to see a larger version. Animals that have not settled in several years have been moved to the Blissfully Retired Lawn Ornaments page. Should miracles occur, they get to come back here! The longer I have this doe here, the more I love her. She is very sensitive, and has to try harder than those with calm personalities to be a good goat, but she really does try. She was sold to me because she was such a beast in the show ring at her first show that her breeder put her on the sale page in disgust--but she apparently had no intention of being shown the door again, because she always behaved perfectly for us, though it took some convincing to get her to walk with her head up. It helps that she is very fond of horse cookies. She has been everything we have asked her to be--great mom, beautiful show doe, happy milker. Thanks are due to my good friend Sunni for not only letting me have this paragon, but for not being mad that she has turned around so well! For more photos and information, including udder shots, click here to go to her page. By the way, for those who have wondered, I placed this photo of Party in the Wikipedia Commons some time ago, because the photos of Nigerian Dwarf goats that were on Wikipedia at the time were either in fact Pygmies or were of horned, unclipped, not very inspiring specimens. Placing this picture in the Commons means that it is available to be used in pretty much any way people want to at will, with the restrction that attribution is required. Unfortunately, that attribution is often lacking,...

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My dad always pushed me to follow my dreams. He did his best to live life to the fullest as the owner and operator of Twin Creek Farm. In January , Dad lost a hard fought battle with cancer. On year later, I decided to honor his determination by changing my farm name. Our first Grand Champion from our breeding! I started raising raising purebred registered myotonic goats in the spring of I originally purchased 3 does as pets. Those does were bred, and we soon had 6. I purchased my first buck, Barney, shortly after that. I started showing the goats in the summer of My first doeling, Jasmine, took Jr. Reserve Grand Champion at my first show and I was hooked after that. I began purchasing more goats, learning about good conformation, and my kids and I continue to show. We have met a lot of great people showing these goats. I host the Buckeye Showdown, which is an open market wether and breeding doe show. I am now licensed as a judge for the Myotonic Goat Registry. Call if you are looking for a judge for a future show! We were thrilled to announce that all goats were negative. All new goats brought onto the farm since then have also tested negative for all 3. Create a free website Powered by. Kristy Shearer Like us on Facebook.

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Pecan Hollow C Total Eclipse. Watsonville show - - 1st in his class all 3 shows - 15 monhs old. Watsonville show - - 2x1st - 1 x2nd. Watsonville show - - Reserve Grand Champion. Shown only twice - 2nd out of 8 and 2nd out of 7. Mystiques SG Blue Nuggett. Alethia Como Wowie Kazowie. Ebony pictured at 15 months old. Hunka Honey is a full brother to the beautiful Doe, Honey Dew only he is one year younger. Copper Penny Stamp Hot Stuff. Adobe Acres Blue Moon Rising. ACE 11 months old. Hunka Honey is retired. Castle Rock Sweet Anise. Pictured at 2 months old. Algedi Farm DJ Piper. Alethia DJ Eye Candy. Pictured at 1 year old. Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter. Algedi Farm D Capella. Unobstructed picture to come - 2 months old.

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Twin creeks goat

Feb 24, - Click on the goat's name to go to her page; click on the thumbnail photo to . Dam: Flat Rocks Sea Siren (Twin Creeks BW Riptide x Flat Rocks. Myotonic Goats, fainting, for sale kids. In January 0f , Shearogg Fainters became Twin Creek Fainters. Buckeye Showdown Open Meat Goat Show. GRS: Twin Creeks BW Riptide +*S; Sire: Flat Rocks Prairie Hawk; GRD: Flat Rocks Nigerian Dwarf Goat Herd Sires. Nigerian Dwarf Goats Breeding Females.

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