Vertical camera straps

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#1 Vertical camera straps

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Vertical camera straps

Something I really like about the Canon D-SLRs, even though Silicone roll covering roller seems a small point, is that they have lugs for the camera strap at the bottom of the camera. This allows you to hang your camera in a vertical position off your shoulder. I find this much more comfortable than having the strap attached to the two lugs at the top of the camera. I also find it more comfortable to tuck the camera and lens like this under my elbow, than if the strap was attached in the usual way. They Vertical camera straps have the camera strap lugs at the top, and I Vertical camera straps that simple little feature on my Nikon D and D3. But then someone pointed me to the Camdapter Hand Strap system. Still no model, just the camera. The skew angle at which I attached it, is on purpose. Reading your post I wondered if you Erotic art ring come across the Black Veftical strap system. From what I am reading it might be something you will find useful. Pregnancy secon baby have been using the Black rapid Strap for several months and find that it is far superior to any strap I have used in the past. It stays out of your way while shooting, is very comfortable to wear for long periods, and makes it very easy to quicly get your camera into position to grab a quick shot. My wife shoots a Nikon D with vert Vertical camera straps and she did purchase the strpas you mentioned so she could attach her hand grip strap. Thanks for the tip. As far as I can make out, the Black Rapid Strap fits via a lug on the bottom of the camera. What makes the...

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Is there any advantage to vertical strap lugs? I am just wondering if there is any reason why Leica adopted vertical strap lugs in the CL and M5. Am I missing something? I recently got a CL, and I am really annoyed by the fact that the only strap lugs are both on the left side of the body. I like to wrap a strap around my right hand so that it functions a bit like a wrist strap, and the lugs are on the wrong side for this. So, does anyone have any idea why Leica decided to do this, and even having done so, why are the lugs on the side opposite the winding lever and shutter release? It just does not make any sense to me. I don't know if it is just a case of old habits dying hard carrying a camera horizontally , but it is driving me a bit nuts. I am left handed, so perhaps this is screwing things up, but most people that use a wrist-strap attach it to the right side, no? Stuart I'm not sure as to the exact thinking behind the M5 strap lug configuration and can't see the logic that must have taken place with such a set up. The M5 was an extremely well thought-out camera a lot of effort was put into even the smallest of details It makes even less sense considering the meter is supposed to take place while the camera is held horizontally. I too would love to know why Leitz thought it was a good idea. It is actually a nice way to carry. There is a shortened rigid horizontal distance which allows you to carry it on your side much more easily. Drag it up from under your left shoulder and...

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Much like camera bags, most photographers own several cameras straps, swapping them around to suit the camera or the situation. Personally, I own 3 leather camera straps, 1 Black Rapid camera sling strap and 1 custom camera strap, all of which I alternate during my personal and professional photography work. Initially I wanted to sell the previous camera strap before I bought the next, but I soon realised that I was actually making use of all of them over time, in different situations. This is why I decided to put together this roundup of the best camera straps in , to showcase the multiple ways to carry your camera efficiently. It should go without saying that all the camera straps listed in this roundup can be used on any camera, no matter the brand. Here are a few quick questions to ask yourself when making the decision:. The usual choices are leather or nylon, although there are some other fabrics too. Leather looks the best and ages beautifully, but can be heavy or uncomfortable in hot climates. Depending on the type of attachment, you can attach the strap via the loops on top of your camera or via the tripod screw hole. Some camera straps offer quick release attachments and others fasten to your belt or camera backpack straps via clips. Most camera straps can be worn on your neck or shoulder, but some are specific to each. Camera wrist straps are popular for smaller format mirrorless cameras or compact cameras. You can hold one, two, or even three cameras using custom camera straps, which hang on your shoulders or on your waist. Excerpt from how to attach a camera strap. Fortunately, most camera straps in are inexpensive see these cheap camera straps , which allows photographers to own more...

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Vertical camera straps

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Each hand-made leather is unique, or present in the subtle differences. Content: 1 pcs camera strap, not include camera. However, hand-made leather will have. I have a CL as a little carry-around camera but I hate the strap A minority view: I love the vertical strap lugs on my CL and wish that this was. Dec 4, - comfortably attaching the Nikon camera strap vertically This allows you to hang your camera in a vertical position off your shoulder.

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