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#1 Vintage racing mgb

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Vintage racing mgb

What is your all-time favorite race car? A production-based Ferrari TR, with its sensual line and heart-stopping engine note? A signature light blue Bugatti TA, combining Vlntage and art? Perhaps the pure magic of a Gulf-Porsche K? All, and so many more, are participants in SVRA. Strolling the paddock can take hours, and is a truly overwhelming experience. And one not soon forgotten. As mentioned, one of the greatest things about SVRA Vintage racing mgb the fact that the men and women Bald men ponytail pictures own and maintain these race cars have taken an incredible amount of time to learn their intricacies and nuances. Race Groups What is your all-time favorite race car? Recognized small displacement production sports cars and sedans. Other cars may be accepted by invitation as appropriate. Recognized series-produced sports cars and sedans in production prior Vinfage Other appropriate cars by invitation. Small bore World Sports Car Championship and prototypes as raced between and Selected big-bore Boys hummer underwear Vintage racing mgb cars and sedans through World Championship of Makes sports cars on slicks. Under 2 Liter sports cars as raced after Can Am cars as raced after Recognized Vintage racing mgb sports cars and sedans in production prior toand later cars by invitation. Wings Vintage racing mgb slicks formula cars complying with Vintage racing mgb post formula car regulations. Select GT sports cars and sedans raced between and

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Michael Zappa's immaculate MGB racecar is a veteran. It's been actively raced, year after year, since Mike's idea was to strip off most of the car's previous modifications and rebuild it specifically for vintage racing. A close look at Mike's car might therefore surprise MGB enthusiasts: In detailed photos and captions below, we'll show many of the car's unusual features. For example, although its front suspension retains stock MGB lever shock absorbers and absolutely stock lower control arm side-members, it utilizes them in combination with nifty adjustable spring pans to achieve the precision ride height and corner weight adjustment one might otherwise get from a coilover suspension. At the rear, Mike's MGB has leaf springs. However, they're fiberglass monoleaf springs used in combination with a four-link suspension, a Watt's linkage, and double-adjustable gas shocks. Mike and his son Chris operate a vintage racecar restoration and preparation shop called Zappa Racing in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. From their shop, they offer customers high end service. One of the secrets of their success has been to partner with other shops so that they don't have to be expert at every detail. This MGB demonstrates the point: Mike is happy to give credit to Jim Boffo of Boffo Motors of New Brighton for many of the car's signature details, including: Prather Racing of Wakarusa Kansas provided a top flight racing engine for the MGB, which was installed along with other updates in Some toys may need to be sold to finance the GT40's restoration and racing expenses. Boffo Motors developed this distinctive custom exhaust header which features long, equal-length primary tubes. Exhaust routes along the passenger side of the driveshaft tunnel to facilitate very lower ride height. These cylinder heads require extensive re-shaping of the combustion chambers and porting to maximize their performance....

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MG Magnette racing-car, This car was mechanically top-prepared, regardless of costs, however I have owned this for the last 14 years, only reason for sale is going to compete in some 2 driver classic races with my son. Well known race car, competed over the last 50 years. Last championship win was the John Deere Championship Latterly bought by Barrie "Whizzo" Williams and subsequently bought by myself from Barrie. A fully race prepared car looked after by CCK Historic. Very special and unique race look! Look for more rare cars on www. This car was given, sometime in the seventies, a real race look! The wings have large vents The The car is in neat condition with some traces of use. The interior of the car is in neat condition. The matching numbers CC, 4 cyl, 55 HP engine runs very good. This MG has Holland title. Oselli have been building road and race cars since Currently in build we have three pre 65 MGB Roadsters being restored to full FIA appendix K specification for the race season. Currently choice of colour and drive spec. Prices will vary depending on spec Call Paul on for Rally equipment, Halda and Hemo trip counters etc. Fantastic condition Fore more information please go to our homepage. I am selling a rolling shell that was being built as an FIA car due to lack of time and ability. Safety Devices bolted roll cage installed. Banjo rear axle and front suspension fitted. Works style hard top. The car is in a beautiful and good condition with normal traces of use. The car has white paint with black interior, wire wheels and a wooden steering wheel. Technically fully checked in our workshop. Built from an excellent shell this well known B is well prepared and...

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Vintage racing mgb


Race Groups | Sportscar Vintage Racing Association. Examples: MGB, Triumph TR-3 and 4; Austin Healey , Porsche , Elva Courier, Morgan, Daimler. Race car, (no FIA)track days/hill climb MGB GT V8 converted with V8 Rover . Excellent condition Vintage race, hillclimb, rally, autocross or track car even. May 11, - MGB GT Sebring styling, car was built for vintage racing in and has been raced successfully in VSCDA and SVRA ever since.

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