Vivid marine paint

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#1 Vivid marine paint

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Vivid marine paint

Pettit ViViD is a bright Vkvid antifouling bottom paint. Bottom paint, in general, was dull and dirty looking until Vivid. Now you can have the brightest colors, the blackest black and the whitest white you have ever seen in bottom paint. Its hybrid technology incorporates the benefits of both ablatives and hard paints. So, when you choose a clean, bright Vivid color, you also get a powerful, multi-season, dual biocide antifouling, a Pettit antifouling that is, simply, marjne effective as it is beautiful. Black, Blue, and White are also available in a 3 Gallon pail. The item was Vivis to your shop cart. Solvent Release Solids theoretical: It is necessary to thoroughly mix the paint before using. If possible, shake the can of paint on a mechanical paint shaker. Before using, check the sides and bottom of the can to make sure all the pigment has been mixed in. If mixing is going to be done with a wooden paddle or an electric drill mixer, pour off half of the liquid from the top of the can into another can and then properly mix in any settled pigment; Vuvid remix the two parts together thoroughly. Adhere to all application instructions, precautions, conditions, and limitations to obtain optimum performance. Refer to individual labels and tech sheets for detailed instructions when using associated products, etc. Vivid is a high solids products. Do not apply this paint in thick films or in more than four coats as poor adhesion may result. Do not thin beyond your Rusty trombone urban compliant limit. Follow Vivid marine paint carefully, avoiding shortcuts. Inadequate preparation of surfaces will virtually assure inadequate coating performance. Man made pollution and natural occurrences can adversely affect antifouling paint performance. Extreme hot and cold water temperatures, silt, dirt, oil, brackish water and...

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Vivid marine paint

Product Information

Vivid®'s new hybrid technology incorporates all the benefits of both ablative and hard paints in one superior product. Its hard, smooth surface withstands. Pettit Vivid is an antifouling boat bottom paint that is specially formulated to have both super Bright colors and high anti-fouling properties with a low VOC to meet. bottom paint. Vivid® provides excellent multi- season, dual biocide antifouling protection under all conditions for all substrates. Vivid®'s new hybrid technology.

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