Wellbutrin sexual side affects

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#1 Wellbutrin sexual side affects

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Wellbutrin sexual side affects

Many people find that traditional antidepressants lower their libido and interfere with sexual pleasure. Bupropion just might fill the bill as a sex pill. One reader shares her story:. About ten years ago I began taking Wellbutrin for depression. Within two weeks I felt better than I had in decades. I also experienced a welcome side effect. Though I have always had a healthy libido, I did have some trouble reaching orgasm, as many women do. Suddenly I was able to have quick, easy, multiple orgasms. Because Wellbutrin works on dopamine rather than serotonin, my psychiatrist said it often has that effect. When I read about antidepressants, the only ones mentioned are the SSRIs that so often produce negative sexual side effects. Wellbutrin has been a solution for my sexual difficulty. People with low sex drives were divided into two groups. Half were given bupropion and half received a placebo. The researchers reported that within two weeks the people taking bupropion reported a greater interest in sex. By three months more than 50 percent were making love more frequently. The positive sexual reactions to bupropion stand out in marked contrast to most other antidepressants. As mentioned, other drugs prescribed for depression often interfere with sexual function. I fear I may never again have the libido I had before this medicine. I would rather be depressed than have these side effects. I have no sensation down below anymore. I fear that I will lose him over the lack of sex. I took fluoxetine for close to eight years. About Strip poker interactive game mac months ago I decided to quit. I skipped a day, then two days, then twice a week I would take them, once a week, etc. I had no sexual desire what so ever. Fast forward to...

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Sexual dysfunction induced by antidepressant medication is well documented in the literature. To date, there has been no report of possible sexual dysfunction induced by bupropion utilized in smoking cessation. In fact, bupropion has been reported to treat antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction. In , the sustained-release form of bupropion, an antidepressant unlike others on the market, was launched for use as a pharmacologic agent in smoking cessation. A, a year-old white man, admitted to a 1-pack-per-day smoking habit over the past 5 years prior to participation in a smoking cessation program. He described himself as being in excellent health with no chronic medical problems and no previous psychiatric history. He had tried numerous times to quit smoking on his own, but never in a treatment setting. At the time of enrollment, Mr. A was taking erythromycin for treatment of acne as his only prescription medication and denied the use of any over-the-counter medications. He used alcohol on social occasions, averaging 1 to 2 beers twice a month. He denied the use of illicit substances and was motivated to quit smoking for health reasons. Bupropion SR was started at mg once a day for 3 days and titrated up to mg b. A noted no difficulties for the first 3 days and had stopped smoking on the first day of pharmacotherapy. On the day the bupropion was titrated up to mg b. A also noted mild irritability, which he attributed to nicotine withdrawal, but most problematic for him was a decrease in his sex drive with associated decreased arousability. He also noted a decreased ability to sustain an erection. He was in a stable relationship and had not previously experienced a decline in sexual performance. A felt frustrated about his sexual dysfunction, but did not disclose his problem, thinking it would resolve...

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Is an increased sex-drive while on Wellbutrin a common side-effect? Reading all this stuff about Wellbutrin and increased libidos makes me think it's some sort of Viagra. Anybody who doesn't have this side-effect? Wouldn't call it viagra, however, wellbutrin seems to have the least sexual side effects. Not only does it reinstate one's libido, but it also helps for quitting smoking. Used to smoke a lot, now I can't stomach the taste or smell. Just wondering how you reacted to quitting smoking with Wellbutrin. Did it make you sick to smoke, etc. What effects did you have when you smoked while on Wellbutrin? When on Wellbutrin I just didn't feel like smoking. But it did have bad side effects: But it sure gave me back my sex life. This is in regard to the smoking aspect of the med for me. The first week, It made the taste of my cigarettes nasty I smoked them anyway: I quit one addiction this year, and I feel thats enough. One bad habit at a time. I have to say in my experience taking Wellbutrin, it definitely increasing your sex drive or at least brings it to the level of normal. I have taken most of all the SSRIs and my sex drive had been lowered taking them. Wellbutrin is different in that you have the desire again. I have trouble dealing with the side effects of Wellbutrin myself, unrelated to the sex drive, such as anxiety and nausea, emotional, etc. I have just switched to Wellbutrin due to sexual problems. Will I be able to have erections and ejaculate after I been on Wellbutrin awhile? I have taken all kinds of anti- depressants. And Wellbutrin also decreases my sex drive and ability to orgasm. Guess I am one of the few. I...

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Decreased libido disproportionately affects patients with depression. The relationship between depression and decreased libido may be blurred, but treating one condition frequently improves the other. Medications used to treat depression may decrease libido and sexual function. Frequently, patients do not volunteer problems related to sexuality, and physicians rarely ask about such problems. Asking a depressed patient about libido and sexual function and tailoring treatment to minimize adverse effects on sexual function can significantly increase treatment compliance and improve the quality of the patient's life. Symptomatic loss of libido is a common problem in the United States. In a national survey conducted in , 33 percent of women and 17 percent of men reported sexual disinterest. In one study it was found that more than 70 percent of depressed patients had a loss of sexual interest when not taking medication, and they reported that the severity of this loss of interest was worse than the other symptoms of depression. The complex association between depression and lowered libido is further illustrated in a case control study in which increased lifetime prevalence rates of affective disorder were found among patients with inhibited sexual desire. Regardless of the cause-and-effect relationship, depression and decreased libido are associated, and the treatment of one condition may improve the other. This article focuses on decreased libido associated with depression, the effects of treatment of depression on libido, and the effects of changes in libido and sexual functioning on compliance. Patients have difficulty discussing sexual dysfunction decreased libido, erectile dysfunction and anorgasmia and acknowledging decreased libido may be particularly difficult. Patients under-report sexual problems caused by medications. Even when a declining interest in sex is recognized, it may be rationalized on the basis of social values and practices, especially among aging women. It is important to get baseline information...

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Some psychiatric disorders — or the medications that treat them — impair sexual functioning. Most research has focused on depression and antidepressants, but sexual dysfunction also affects people with anxiety disorders, bipolar and other mood disorders, and schizophrenia. Coexisting disorders, such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, or cancer, may further impair sexual function. Yet antidepressants may also impair sexual function. Fortunately, there are steps people with depression and other psychiatric disorders can take to improve sexual functioning. Although this article focuses mostly on depression, the advice may also apply to other psychiatric disorders. If the medication causing sexual side effects has just been prescribed, wait a while to see if the problems diminish. A lower dose of a psychiatric medication may reduce its sexual side effects. However, it may be difficult to do this while still remaining in the therapeutic range necessary to avoid relapse. If a patient finds that the medication produces more pronounced side effects at particular times of the day, it may be possible to schedule sexual activity for the time when side effects are least bothersome — or to take the drug at a different time. Some psychiatric medications are less likely than others to cause sexual side effects see table. Different people also react differently to various medications. Switching to another medication might help. Just be aware that this may only trade a sexual problem for some other side effect, such as weight gain or dry mouth. Although clinicians usually recommend switching medications only when symptoms of the psychiatric disorder have not responded to an initial medication, an intolerable side effect is also a legitimate reason to switch. If you had enjoyed some relief of psychiatric symptoms with a medication, it's important to make a slow transition to a new drug to minimize the risk...

Wellbutrin sexual side affects

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Mar 12, - Is an increased sex-drive while on Wellbutrin a common side-effect? Reading all this stuff about Wellbutrin and increased libidos makes me  How effective is Wellbutrin on motivation/weight. Jun 6, - Sexual side effects of antidepressants include low libido, erectile dysfunction, and difficulties with orgasm. I personally have been on wellbutrin for 11 days, and at first, I had a mild sexual side effect (could not maintain an erection), but now, that problem seems to be.

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