What makes the Huel bars so special?

At first glance, all snack bars look pretty much the same. It’s easy to lose track of things. But don’t worry, we’ll get to the heart of what makes the Huel Bar so special.

Protein in HUEL bars

As the name suggests, protein bars of Huel Bars are mostly made up of protein . They can be useful when you want to build muscle and are having trouble getting your protein needs from other foods. However, they don’t offer much more. Protein bars do not contain essential fats, vitamins, and minerals, so you will need to take them elsewhere. On the other hand, it can contain palm oil, artificial flavors and colors that you won’t find in a Huel bar.

Energy bars

Energy bars are usually the bestseller among snack bars and tend to be extremely high in sugar – often more than 5 teaspoons per bar! This is great for longer workouts of an hour or more, but in all other cases this sugar will only bring you empty calories with no further nutritional value.

Energy bars sometimes contain some added vitamins and minerals, but mostly do not cover all 26 essential vitamins and minerals .

granola bar

Granola bars are usually made from oats, grains, and nuts. Although they provide carbohydrates and fiber , they lack protein, healthy fats and, once again, the rare essential vitamins and minerals. Although they often appear healthy and natural, they are usually high in sugar, which is supposed to give you a taste.

chocolate bar

In a chocolate bar, the focus is not on nutrients, but on taste. The problem with this is the high levels of sugar and fats with no real nutritional value. Every now and then a chocolate bar is okay, because eating can also be all about enjoyment, but you shouldn’t snack every day.


Whole food in bar form

This is where the Huel Bar comes in . From our point of view, full nutrition provides at least 100% of the reference values ​​of all essential nutrients per 2,000 kcal. Or to put it more simply: a Huel bar is a wholesome snack and gives you everything you need.

A Huel bar is not:

  • Protein bars. A Huel bar may be high in protein (12 grams per serving), but it has a lot more to offer.
  • Energy bars. A Huel bar contains a maximum of half as much sugar as the average energy bar, the main purpose of which is to hold the bar together. Huel bars also contain essential fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals in just the right amounts.
  • Chocolate bar. We don’t need to explain that, do we?

Bottom line

With 200 kcal, a Huel bar is the perfect snack that you can treat yourself to at any time. Of course, we made sure that you get all the important nutrients . Very easily!

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